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There’s a definite feeling of autumn in the air for WoLK – lots of people are levelling, making the final push to 80 – or getting in a few achievements that they would not have time for otherwise.

This weekend, Cress was lucky enough to get a group that could manage Lessrabi – which is pretty amazing, since Cress can either damage things or heal things, but not interrupt – as it happened, both the healer and the tank switched to max DPS – only one interrupt seemed to be used (but I could be wrong). All over in a few seconds. I now have a red drake.

And I’m working on killing ogres around Nagrand for the Kurenai reputation – I am working through Revered now, but it’s a long old slog.

Worse than that, apparently, is the collection of stuff (that looks like dust) to make Halaa tokens – one of my new guildies was kind enough to log onto his horde alt, and dance around in his birthday suit in the graveyard, whilst a group of alliance 80s raced to see whether they could kill him before he got out of range. Feel the pain – I think he died over 150 times… Actually, it was a race to kill him before the DK ghoul did…

Trying to overcome my phobia about PvP – cue “feel the fear and do it anyway” – Neuri had the most fantastic time in random Wrath dungeons – levelled a whole level like that- probably only about 5 in total, but all pretty painless, in company with new guildies. Who pointed out that AV was a good place to get XP this weekend – and who said that rogues were fantastic in PvP… now at level 77, I have not taken Neuri anywhere near a battleground – so cue PvP achievements popping up all over the place… I have to be the worst PvP rogue in history – but amazingly, staying with the pack helped – and I didn’t even die – which was unusual. I usually die and then can’t orient myself to the *right* place to be…

I have *still* not completed Dragonblight as a result of this dungeon fun – so I have decided to take a trip up to the Argent Tournament to see what’s happening up there – and to do a few IC quests.

Our Sunday raid with ItP did not come off – probably because a few of the core raiders were unavailable – post wedding party fallout meant that they were probably tired. And/or hungover. And because RL>wow, this is fine. And just goes to show how important the presence of committed raiders is – and how casual signups cannot be relied upon to make up a raid – and how we all depend on each other to get something done. It’s not the absence of one individual that breaks us, it’s 4 people.

Having said that – the absence of 2 people meant that we nearly could not get Jaraxxus down – I was really hoping to do this on Bieslook, as she needs frosties more than Cress does, and should be amply geared for that instance – but… we had two new 80s with us, who were a bit rusty, and so 8 manning the beasts was painful… Popping over to TS brought 2 people from ItP to help out – which sort of saved the day really, as they were top damage.

Oh – is saying “your DPS is *enormous*” in awestruck tones [1] a bad thing? Because I used to think that getting over 1K DPS as an average in a dungeon before level 80 was quite good. But I was put to shame by a frost mage who was pulling 3K… about the same level as me…

[1] not sure if it counted as acceptable banter. Hoping so. It’s kind of easy to get too casual though. I remember one time I talked to the wife of another guildy whose opening comment was “I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time with my husband”….

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