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Cataclysm Beta: rediscovery- Southshore

I’ve been flying around, rediscovering familiar zones.  All as part of my archaeology fun – oddly, there seems to be a glitch with archaeology at the moment in the current build – when you successfully find an artefact, you get a ludicrous amount of XP – this is an error in favour of the player, but can’t be intentional, since it’s levelling a skill, not levelling experience as a player.  This error wasn’t present the first 6-8 surveys I did, so there’s a tweak that needs to be fixed.

I’m really glad I did the loremaster achievement – and realise that I have only a few more weeks to see the last of the old world – because the Brave New World is changed utterly.  And that all my levelling experiences (which are now pretty much on autopilot, if I’m honest) are going to be different – new quests, new areas, new everything.

Take the skill “find fish” – I have always just gone to Southshore, looked for some junk pools, fished up a box from a pool – opened it up and there’s the book to learn the skill.  Oh, and whilst I’m there, I’ve picked up the murloc quests, the lion recipe quest, the utterly fantastic turtle-food quest (that quest gives so much XP per relatively simple kill, the food that is made from it is pretty good value for that level as well) as well as the knuckle bones, defias bandits and the lost crate of gems.  All the while dodging the groups of level 37 assassins that stealth around the town, which are usually too much for a solo level 32-34 to manage.

It’s something of a shock, therefore to see this:

its all gone...

Ruins of Southshore


  1. Peter Ellis
    23/09/2010 at 2:31 pm

    XP for archaeology may not be a mistake – they recently introduced XP for mining and herbing nodes. Not sure about skinning.

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