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Cataclysm Beta: rediscovery: Menethil

The Wetlands in the current game is the main quest area for Alliance (dwarves, primarily) from level 20 – it is the place where herbalists get a lot of experience levelling  – and where there is a plentiful supply of crocolisks and dinosaurs to skin for leather.  There is also an interesting supply of mineral nodes – although the cave with the spiders in can be a little challenging at level 20.  The lockboxes amongst the murlocs can be a great place for rogues to lockpick – and there is a derelict windmill in the zone that sells a few green items that are quite useful for levelling.  I particularly like the skirt you can get there – for casters.

There’s a quest that gets you a reasonable sized bag – from Sida, who unaccountably lost it to a slime – and another that involves you killing undead sailors of the Lost Fleet – which can turn you temporarily into undead yourself – and you can then test out all the undead /flirt and /silly emotes…..

It’s sad to look at Menethil after the cataclysm:

It's got a moat...

But the undead raptors make more sense – walking skeletal dinosaurs…

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