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ICC 10(heroic)

Having managed to get LK10 (N) last week (15th September), this week, the ItP team decided to have a crack at the heroic modes.

After a few attempts, we managed:  Marrogar, Deathwhisper, Gunship, all on heroic.  We had a decent stab at Deathbringer, but we need to work on the kiting technique for the bloodbeasts a bit more, I think.  I got the idea of how it works though.  And possibly, it’s really helpful to have a disco shielding not only the raid, but definitely the bloodboil people.  That ought to minimise the blood energy going back to him by a few ticks per person.

Something seemed to be bugging the server – there was a lot of lag for three or four people, so we wound it up for the evening.

On Friday, we moved on to do Festergut and Rotface on heroic – they took a bit of effort, but certainly the Festergut kill was a win – a solid kill after we worked it all out – everyone was alive at the end.  Rotface was a bit more dicey – it felt like a last minute catch.  Certainly, having the ret pally decursing made it possible – every GCD was used on healing, so not having to decurse made a lot of difference.

We then moved onto Blood Council – and found the movement debuff to be crippling – for a movement fight.  This was the first time I have DPSed that fight, so I was not really all that good.  I reckon setting up a power aura debuff counter might make that work better for me.  6 stacks kills, so I might be able to move for 4 seconds and have 4 stacks before letting them drop off.  Hopefully that should get me out of the way of white swirly circles of ouch.  After a few goes on heroic mode, we set it back to normal – I practiced moving only a little bit – to get into the new mindset.  We accidentally got The Orb Whisperer achievement

Moving back to Putricide, we went for the no-slow achievement – and got it on the second attempt, if I remember correctly.

We had a go at Valithria on heroic – but for some reason this was not working – not sure whether it was the healer set up inside/outside the portals or what – I was on DPS, so was just tryingto kill the stuff outside – probably ineffectually – most of my experience of this encounter is from healing outside the dragon.  Switching it back to normal mode made it quite easy.

I think the plan is to do heroic modes as much as possible, but to reach L each week, so the people who didn’t get it last time can do so this time, and collect loot and all.

Looking back at both evenings, part of me says that we accomplished a lot – for our first attempts on heroic mode.   But part of me feels that I didn’t do well enough (and so I feel disappointed in myself etc etc) – that I could have done better.  The guild message of the day was something along the lines of “the cake is a lie, there is no cake”.   I want cake, dammit.

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  1. Tam
    05/10/2010 at 4:41 pm

    Grats on the heroic modes! I can’t wait to get my teeth into some heroics…it’ll be nice to see the familiar fights enlivened and re-invigorated … I hope 😀

  1. 30/09/2010 at 3:30 am

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