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Cataclysm Beta: human hunter, quests

I thought I’d roll up a human hunter and see how the new starting area was – for quests.

First of all – a hunter in the first ten levels of Cataclysm is really not so much fun – your pet is just a companion – it can give some aggro – but there is no way of controlling it.  The downside of this is that you never really learn the concept of kiting things – which can be a useful skill to learn, no matter what your class.  As a newbie hunter in the old system, you *had* to learn to kite, or else you died too many times.

Second – I love the quest interface – the way you get a picture of your quest objective – even if I long to have that goblin assassin outfit on my mini-goblin.  For some reason, pictures communicate to me a lot faster than words – and I admit to being quite a voracious reader.

Third – they highlight the obkectives for you – no more mousing over the targets to see if they are the one you want – these are lit up for you to show you that they are the ones you need.  That’s a time saving.  Not sure whether it counts as spoonfeeding – I’ve noticed the feature in the level 80 quests as well, so it’s not merely for tutorial purposes.

There may be a fire extinguisher involved, but no poo-sifting just for the moment….

So goblins:  nasty little monsters….

  1. Kayla
    05/10/2010 at 10:56 am

    But as a newbie hunter pre-Cata, you didn’t get a pet until level 10. In Cata, you get the ability to control your pet at level 10. That’s the difference. I viewed the pet as “extra dps” and didn’t think about it beyond that – partly because I assumed there was a control bar bug at the time. Getting the ctrol bar at level 10 does give a sort of “Okay, you’ve finally learned how to deal with this thing.” feel. And remember, no hunter in the game so far has managed to learn how to kite things with a pet prior to level 10 anyway. 🙂

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