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Raiding Guilds « Paw Prints at the Portal

Raiding Guilds « Paw Prints at the Portal.

This is my guild.

And I’m hoping that whatever is bugging people can be put on hold for a few more weeks – it’s only 60 or so more days to go before the expansion hits.  And I know that the expansion is going to be fun – I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Beta recently, as my posts show.

Guilds are all about cooperation – levelling groups, pvp groups, instance groups, and the most extreme cooperation is in raiding – where organisation is key, and success depends on the group, and the leadership of the group.

I don’t know whether my guild will implode completely, or whether it will stick together – because in the new dawn of the new expansion, it will be so much better to be together than not – and it is a pretty sure fire thing that any raiding will not be for at least a month, possibly two, as you need to have so many people geared to a particular level in order to run gearing 5 mans, let alone proper raid instances.

The death of my old raiding guild was awful – but then it had been limping along from about Easter onwards, it took until the end of August to die – I was sad about that, but they held out for as long as they could.   In this guild, I hope we can manage life support for 8 more weeks or so, just to keep things together.  People are so jaded and meh about things now, that trying to motivate players is like flogging a dead horse.

And I think that is part of the problem – now we have got LK down, it feels (this has to be the reason) that there is nothing else left to do.  No matter that there were some who could not attend that night’s raid, or that there is still RS to do, or that the heroic modes and achievements give a drake, or at least the sense of achievement…

One or two people’s ambitions and determination cannot drive the whole guild.  There has to be a point where the collective will overrides the will of the single or few motivated person(s).  If the motivated person leaves for places that they feel appreciate them more, then the guild loses out.  If there can be a way to accomodate both sets of people – the tired and the apathetic, as well as the motivated and determined, then the guild is the better place for it.  We cannot always agree with everyone, but if we can be adult about it, and still have respect for each other, there is something worth keeping – I do believe that.

And, if I’m honest, I know that there is a sense of ennui – a realisation that the epics that you spend hours grinding though raids are going to be near worthless in about 3-4 months time.  So what’s the point?  And that phat loot is one of the main motivating forces in the game –  it is the medal of achievement, which is why so many “professional” raiders have got so annoyed at the badge gear polluting the purity of raid loot – and the players wearing that badge gear diluting the ranks of proper raiders.

But the current guild is a casual guild, which finds social relationships important, and which realises the importance of personal freedom and space.  And this is not the same sort of ethos as you find in a hard core guild, where the motivation is “to be the best” regardless of personal time contraints, placing the success of the guild above everything else.

On that basis, perhaps as a guild we can decide whether or not we are going to get KS for the remaining raiders, and that when this is done, we will go on hiatus.  I honestly think this is the way to keep the guild alive – and we will need it when the expansion arrives.

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