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Guild Advancement 101 | World of Matticus

Guild Advancement 101 | World of Matticus.

We started a guild on the Beta, and this post by Matticus goes a long way to explaining how important guild cohesion is – and how important it is that each member of the guild contributes – by collecting herbs (yes, there is an achievement for a massive number of herbs collected) to making flasks or scrolls, fishing, cooking, crafting – any guild skill. PvP is rewarded too.

The rewards of having a massive raid fish feast/meat feast are only obtained by the guild having completed the achievement connected with making large numbers of meals – the reward of having a cauldron that produces multiple suitable flasks can only be obtained by making large amounts of flasks in the first place.

So: given that each person has a limited amount of time, it seems unlikely that a pure raiding guild will be able to perform all these achievements – because they are out raiding… And the same goes for a purely PvP guild.

I’m curious about how this will affect the general shape of guild politics – would guilds want to have raider rank for those that they feel are able and capable to raid, and then have others at different ranks? Like crafter rank, or gatherer rank? Will there be a hierarchy of which ranks are higher than others? Will it mean that those who prefer to potter around collecting reputations and find fishing pleasantly soporific have a place in a guild that likes to get hard modes down?

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