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Patch 4.0.1 – Cataclysm starts now!

To be honest, I think that the blog will take a back seat for the next few weeks, as I struggle to get to grips with the new mechanics…

Let’s see, after hours of download yesterday, a complete wipe of my addon folder and some new downloads later, I have several key addons not working/not updated.

I have several missing glyphs – most of them have been destroyed.

I have re-configured the Power Auras for 2 characters, bought some T10 for my new rogue, attempted two heroics as DPS, gemmed and enchanted the new stuff (almost). I have configured clique for the priest only (2 specs)

Noticed that my hunter now needs new gems, made one spec for my mage, made a dodgy feral dps spec and a dodgy heal spec for my druid, made a DPS spec for my DK, and gone round sholazar a few times hoovering up the herbs so I can persuade a willing scribe to make the missing glyphs on *all* of them…

My plans over the next week are to attempt to fill in the missing holes in the addons, get a few more glyphs made up, practice heals and dps on the priest, practice dps on the mage and rogue.

Just possibly, I might try and play on the other toons a bit, just so that I know what the buttons do now… but the immediate priority is the priest, rogue and mage…

As for the emblems – well, I spent some on my rogue – and there is still one or two more items to get – but just about everyone else is going to keep their emblems in the bank – unless I get close to the cap – and I’ll worry about that when it happens. Getting emblems (points) now will be a happy by-product of learning to play again. And I can see how the money is going to be useful, given the costs of the next expansion…

  1. Kayla
    14/10/2010 at 3:59 pm

    It’s not that the glyphs have been destroyed, it’s that they are likely no longer in the game at all. What with the streamlining of glyphs down to fewer per class and the new 3 different levels of glyph and that they are deemed “learnt” and not “applied” so you only ever have to buy a particular glyph once (I assume you actually already know this, but just in case)… All of my 80s now have empty glyph slots in all three levels. My poor scribe, what is she going to do when everyone has learnt all of the glyphs they will ever need? Become a glorified florist?

    I’m awaiting the release (hopefully today sometime) of a fully updated auctioneer so that I can go and see what the damage is to my business. Hopefully the changes to batch processing won’t mean more than a few extra minutes per session when I am posting stuff.

    Earlier today was fun… log in to Kaylad; open mailbox; watch WoW go *foom* “fatal exception error”; send report; restart WoW; log in to Kaylad; open mailbox; WoW does NOT go *foom*; empty mailbox; start to mount; watch WoW go *foom*… you can see where this is going can’t you? Open talents UI? WoW go *foom*. Speak to a vendor/quest-giver? WoW go *foom*. After the fourth or fifth crash I decided to give up for the day and try again later. Oh, and this was _after_ disabling and then removing all addons *sigh*

  2. 15/10/2010 at 2:35 pm

    so far, I get a few errors popping up – but apart from a few major lag spikes, it is manageable – not *foom* – and I am using Auctinator – which is unfamiliar..

    I have tried dps, but not healing, just yet. Might attempt that today/this evening…

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