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Losing all my addons, trying to keep up with you and I don’t know if I can do it

So, having to completely redo my computer from the OS upwards has really made me think about the little tweaks that I get used to in game.

When I logged back in, I had a package of addons from my guildie, S – but none of them had any settings saved. So I have had to set up Grid and Clique – not all that hard – and the macros are server-side, thankfully, so that is great. But there are the settings in Power Auras that I have been working with for ages and ages. And that script that you run so that you can zoom back further than the standard game amount.

So this is a moveable feast – I have to run to keep up with it. Plus there is some kind of problem with my sound at the moment – after a while, my TeamSpeak goes all strange – when I speak, the others on TS notice my sound is wrong – so they know something’s up. From my end, it sounds as if they have gone all tinny, and their voices sounds like they are spiralling down the plughole – from a really high tone to a really low tone, altering the speed of their voices as well – from high pitched through a few words of normal, down to slow motion. A complete reboot of the box will fix it, but not permanently. Is it my sound card? Or the TS settings? Or something else….

I think I shall start to keep a list of the strings used for Power Auras – perhaps here – so that they can be accessed if the whole computer dies on me…

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