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Cataclysm Beta: Mekkatorque

Fantastic!  the boat quest off Kazan is now mended – the cinematic ends with a loading screen of the next stage.

And finally female worgen are playable, rather than being selected at character creation and then having a sex change on loading…

I am convinced that I shall be playing a goblin in cataclysm, and not a worgen – the number of times I have tried to enjoy the whole initial starting areas and quests makes the worgen race seem far less appealing than the goblin one – despite the free top hat….  but am so unsure about what class…

The warrior is the only class I have not got past level 15 or so – shaman is not available to goblins,  which is just as well, because my alliance shaman is stuck in her 40s.  My new warlock is showing signs of being quite fun – at 40-something I am really enjoying it.

So, should I try and level the only class I have never really tried or choose something different?  I’ve got the heirlooms for leather melee, caster set, mail melee and caster and some of the BoA weapons for those sets – but no plate heirlooms – and they are quite pricey…

Still dithering.   Still rolling up experimental versions on the Beta to see how I manage…  Suspect I may end up rolling a hunter…

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