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Goblins: what class (Cataclysm)

I’ve been fiddling around on the Beta trying to work out what class to go for – because after all, I only have one character slot left – I have 7 at 80, a banker, a new warlock and …  the space.

So far I have tried a hunter (got up to 21, but somehow lost interest) – I’ve levelled two of those to 80, and hardly play on the one I still have.  I have tried the warrior, but my levelling seems to be so much slower than in other classes – it took 2 hours,19 mins to get to the same stage on the warrior as it did on therogue – with 1 hour 44, 42 – same quest, both level 8, neither had heirlooms.

Another priest?  hmm – find it hard to believe that any goblin could have priestly inclinations, given our natural inclinations towards making money at every opportunity.  Another mage?  Also not my favourite solo levelling class.  Rogue it is then…

Taking my girl to get a haircut in Orgrimmar, I was struck by the descriptions in the barber shop.  And the colours…

If you get a new hair colour, only the ponytail changes colour.  Must be something to do with really bad roots…



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