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Cataclysm is coming: things to do… Insane

Well, in between running all the alts through the cataclysm themed quests for money or XP and “dunnit” status, I have been bashing myself up against That Achievement.

I mean, of course, the one that I had my eyes on for over 6 months, but which I told myself I would never do – that I had all the time in the world to do, because there was a blue post saying it did not have to be hurried:

Just for clarity, Insane in the Membrane will not be removed in Cataclysm. We can only confirm this one for you, but since it’s undoubtedly one of the most brain-melting achievements, we thought it nice to let you know that you don’t have to rush to have this done before the expansion. 😉

Ancilorn, 2009/11/18 02:11:48 AM at http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/3088/to-do-before-cataclysm-gets-out


So, I levelled a rogue, started working on the Ravenholdt reputation, started farming the mats for the DMF cards, handed in umpteen thorium widgets…  and was pickpocketing my way round LBRS on and off, running Strat for a mount, but not getting rid of the abom stitchings..

Then one of my guildies pointed out that there had been a Blizzcon announcement – and pointed me to a  Wow ladies thread on Livejournal.

So, recent news has changed the landscape a bit for me (see http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=15111071324&sid=1 this thread on the forums) – and rather too close to the end of the expansion for comfort I have to say – especially given the difficulty of the grind – some of these reputations cannot be done in a hurry without a major spend on the Auction House – and some of them require BOP items as well.

The WoW armory feed for my characters seems to be down – but it would show that I have now completed the bloodthirsty spree on the goblins of Booty Bay.  They still hate me.  I am only halfway to getting remotely unfriendly with them – far less welcoming me with open arms.

And in the meantime, I am working my way round Dire Maul in an attempt to fetch librams and so on for those elven librarians…

This explains whyI occasionally take breaks to go and roll up low level alts on other servers, or go on gallivanting trips round Ulduar – to make a break from the grinding.

So far, I am working on getting my circuits of DM down  bit faster – I am afraid I cannot just charge through the mobs without any care and attention – or I use up all my mana too fast, then have to stop for regen.  So far it is roughly half an hour per run, if you count the run down to hand in the libram, get rid of the BOPs and greys…

This is definitely part of the achievement that is best done by an engineer with an enchanting skill – for the blues could make the right kind of shards for the achievement, instead of taking up vendor-space.

Following my work yesterday, I am now out of Skins of Shadow, so have to go and farm Scholo a bit to get some more.  Some more Pristine Black Diamonds coming my way would also be useful, and perhaps they might drop if I am lucky.  I am not sure I can afford to buy all the mats I need on AH – the market is extremely healthy…

I’m not completely confident I can get the librarians to love me long time in the next four weeks, but I’m going to make a stab at it.

What would be the end result?  Having the Insane title, and being member of aguild that is Immune to Psychology?  It just has to be tried 🙂

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