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Just call me “priest”

Reading a few blogs, it seems that quite a lot of people take it as an insult to be identified by their class, and not by their name – most frequently in group situations – 5 mans or raids.

I admit, it does mean that you have been reduced to anonymity  – and perhaps you think you deserve the respect of your name being used – and by extension find it rude if this is not done.  But I have an alternate suggestion:

It might not be meant to be offensive.

The thing is – speaking from a healer POV, I have Grid up all the time.  In fact I have it installed on all my characters, disabling it when I need to.  When I go into an instance, I know my mental processes are somewhat basic.  Briefly:

Are the bars full?

Is everyone in range?

Have I buffed?

What have we got – who is the tank?

Shortly after that, I find we are in combat – if not part way through that list.  People don’t tend to hang about to say hello, or have a food buff – and my job is to keep people alive, so I work on that.  I might notice that the dps is red (DK), pink (paladin) purple (lock) yellow (rogue) white (priest) green (hunter) shaman (blue) or druid (orange).  And adjust my healing priorities based on the likelihood that they will take damage.  On my grid frames, although I have the space to show names, I also have other alerts – to show debuffs, incoming heals, active heals or shields I have up.  This might mean that I cannot read the names of the characters concerned – unless we are out of combat and there is no conflicting information showing.

It is unlikely that I would say “rogue move” because I might not have time to type it out, but it is likely that I would not look beyond that to work out the name.  Because in the current anonymity of instance running, that is all that I know.  That the yellow bar is getting lower and lower, has a poison debuff I cannot take away and is taking the healing effort that I should be spending on the tank…

Put the stress on the healing, and the information gets briefer and briefer.  You did want healing, right?

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  1. Tam
    15/11/2010 at 3:16 pm

    I see your point, I do – and I also acknowledge that in a high-pressure, speed-of-the-essence situation there won’t be time to type out a name, along with a please and thank you. But it’s rarely like that. Usually it goes like this:

    Me: “Mb”
    Tank: “priest come”
    Me: “I’m taking a mana break.”
    Tank: “get here priest now”

    I guess it just bugs me – it’s always used in this semi-accusative way as well. “pala buff” or “hunter come”. If you’re having to type a request or instruction it’s a helluva lot quicker to %t, and makes you sound less like an ignorant moron.

  2. 15/11/2010 at 8:06 pm

    I can honestly say that for as long as I have been raiding, in actual raiding guilds, I have never been called out as or been reduced to just my class. I am very commonly known as “O” because not many know how to say Oestrus or it can be a bit much for them to say. I completely understand that and love the nickname, myself. I think a shortened version of a name is appropriate and some I have made on the fly, due to how hectic a situation might be. But even I would never reduce someone to that. It’s just incredibly tacky to me.

    I see it done in the PuG scene and in the casual scene and I’m not trying to draw a line between “us and them,” but I have yet to see such a thing be done in the raiding scene or at least in the circles that I have run with.

    Great entry, by the way! 🙂

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