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I am renewed!

Slightly disappointing to note that the Chakra: Renew will be disappearing in cataclysm – but understandable, since I always did like renew for its ability to stick on a player going out of range, and its *beat the lag*  ability.

Healed the hole of ICC10 with a druid on Wednesday as holy – and was utterly distraught to find that my mana regen has been nerfed.  Unfortunately, I was picked up by a valkyr whilst suffering from infest (which I could not heal myself through ofc) and died as they kicked the valk in the nadgers – on accepting my res, I buffed myself with the standard 3 buffs and was distraught to find mt regen seems nerfed – I can no longer recommence healing from the dead.  I even triggered my ice sliver and my fiend (who I still havn’t named – calling him Fiendy is really uninspired) and still was OOM.  Completely OOM.  That kill has to be closest kill in history – our other healer died, the spriest was stuck in the sword, the purple spirits were not killed and sploded on the tanks and melee and the last thing left killing Arthas was a warlock heroicly tanking and the last gasp of my renew ticking (empty blue bar, helpless, woe).

Dear Gods, if this mana regen is working as intended, Cataclysm will be painful.  I am overgeared for this content – I should have mana to spare and then some…

OTOH, we saved the dwagon in record time.  I was not the only one healing her, natch, but still.

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