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Gezzarak – hunter pet

Ever since I saw Backbiter in Dalaran, I have wanted to tame this warpstalker.  I know that the warpstalker special attack has been nerfed in the current patch – but this girl is so beautiful.  http://www.wow-petopia.com/look/warpstalkerskinblack.html has a lot more information and a picture.
In case you did not know, this is not an animal that wanders Skettis – this is a quest spawn – so you will need to follow the quest where you kill Arakkoa for their dust, then take 6 dust to make into a potion of shadows, then kill shadowy arrakoa who drop texts.  There is a pile of skulls on the middle of a summoning purple circle – after clearing the arrakoa, summon the Beast.

I noticed that she was immune to my Freezing trap, and the knock-away attack she does *can* interrupt taming.  Stray too far from the summoning circle and she will evade every attack, including the tame.

She is level 79 now, having been hand-held round some random heroics.  One of the many new level 77 pets in my stable.

Now what I need is a good, non-buggy pet-talent addon  – so that I can apply a suitable spec for a pet summoned from the stable without delay.

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