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The Ravenholdt grind – progress

During the pilgrim festival, I have been trying to get as many different turn-ins as possible – with the buff present – handing in for Thorium Brotherhood, Ravenholdt and Steamwheedle are the main times when I have seen the difference.

Last night meant another grind of pickpocketing LBRS for Cresside’s Ravenholdt reputation grind – only 14000 rep to go… if only I could keep the pilgrim buff for longer – that would reduce my junkbox requirements to 777 boxes. Considering I only tend to get 58-60 in an evening that would need another 12 evenings-worth (grindy grindy).

Strangely, there seem to be fewer humanoid mobs in LBRS – I don’t remember seeing a patch note on it, but the groups of trolls seem to be fewer, and the numbers in the groups are reduced from 4 to 3 – in some cases, there are little campfires and sleeping mats and no sign of their inhabitants – perhaps they were little humanoid sacrifices to Deathwing or something. Makes the pickpocketing run slightly shorter, and quicker, but the drop rate has not increased, making the number of turns round the place higer

My Steamwheedle is nearly up to unfriendly – well, I can go into Everlook, but none of the others. Now they are populated by level 85 elite bouncers, this is a painful but quick death. But there are no ways I can see of getting reputation gains without losing Bloodsail – which is a pity – all the pirates I have seen and killed have awarded no Steamwheedle reputation. And the plentiful supply of pirates below Ratchet has been replaced by some boring Northwatch marine types. The question is – will the system remember that I had max honoured reputation with Bloodsail, or not? Or will I get to exalted with all Steamwheedle and then have to go round Booty Bay on the slaughter again – this time against vastly superior bruisers?

Tactically, I want Steamwheedle back, so this is taking priority – I need to have my flightpoints back.

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  1. Peter Ellis
    28/11/2010 at 12:58 am

    It does remember you had the Bloodsail rep – they changed that a good few months ago.

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