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Hunter pets

I have to confess that my hunter is fairly ineffectual – dressed in a mixture of charity purples earned by pugging heroics, he manages DPS in the low thousands.

And possibly even less when accompanied by a levelling pet – which was what I was doing, before I settled down to another grind of pickpocketing LBRS.

So, it was an opportunity to grind some heroics for badgers (OK, points) and to level some of my recent pet acquisitions – I think I managed to get about 5 pets from level 77 to 80 – which is a good deal faster than the slow levelling through killing stuff in sholazar in order to skin it…

And it was made so much more pleasant by the brave attempts of my guildmates – including the tank who was not a tank, but who rarely has aggro issues, and who didn’t think he could manage icc heroics (and each time he said this, we got sorted to one… oh how we laughed) I also got a nice upgrade on my ilvl200 staff – the polearm from HoR…

I suspect that the runs were also fairly lucrative – which is never a bad thing. Pets trained up, badges won, gold accumulated – all in pleasant company – I feel spoiled 🙂 Warm fuzzies.

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