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Swamp of Sorrows – Hero’s Call

So, my shaman had only two quests left in her log after the big shakedown, so I stopped by the hero’s call board in Stormwind, after adjusting my HS there.

This is a great new mechanism for getting you to the right place for your level – your breadcrumb quest is on the board, instead of being with some random PC in the city (like the mage who wanted you to find a lost book that some swamp-thing had eaten – and it turned out that there were an awful lot of swamp things you needed to kill – depopulating the area three times before you found it).

Swamp of Sorrows is a rather different place. For a start, it is now a level 50-something area – and it actually has Alliance Flightpoints! Together with a Steamwheedle FP, this makes it considerably more accessible.

And there are no more Dreaming whelps – goodness knows where you find these to kill now – don’t go to that part of the map if you are new to the zone, wait until you are sent there :).

For the mining folk, this place is *full* of thorium.

And there are no wandering Horde explorers from Stonard waiting to pounce on you and flag you as you run desperately through the spiders and the crocolisks – and when you fight the lads from Stonard, amazingly, you are not flagged for PvP. Which is nice for those of us that choose not to play on PvP servers.

The final quests in the zone do give you a nice rare item to add to your kit – but this is not a free pet or motor boat…

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