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Blasted Lands – Hero’s Call

After the Swamp of Sorrows, and a quick trip to Stormwind for training (yay, I can now get upper level Jewelcrafting from level 50, not 65) it was back to the board for the next assignment – off to the Blasted Lands (my favourite….. not). But nevermind, it might be different.

Not a vast amount has changed – there are some different quest rewards (and the monetary reward has increased as well). For the most part the quests have been adapted – you no longer go to Azshara (natch) but you still get to kill 3 minibosses, and have a trip to the top of the mountain for a big demon kill. I like the crystal mechanism for getting to the reclusive gnome, and the hide and seek with the horde for their plans. *what do you think you are doing?*.

So much so, that I didn’t start chain running Ramparts from level 57, as advised, but am now part way through 59 as I start Outlands.

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