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Deja vu: looking back

I admit to being a player whose main experience has come from Wrath of the Lich King as an expansion – I levelled my first two characters towards the end of the Burning Crusade,  back when ground mounts were only available for *hyooooge* amounts of gold at level 40,  and when a quest chain was necessary to unlock the level 60 fast ground mount, flight skills were only learned at 70 …..  [cue:  “in the snow, uphill, both ways”] and I only had about a month of IoQD before Wrath appeared.

Back then, Cold Weather Flying was not available for ages and ages (level 76, iirc) and so, just as in BC, you had to walk the content, gathering interested mobs to chew your butt off as you worked your way to the quest objective…

I’m now working through Wrath content with my last Alliance character (hey, until they give us more character slots, I am stuck having 8 alliance chars on the one realm).  And BT seems a lot better than Hellfire, admittedly.  But it’s knowing I can survive UK on normal – when I remember not being able to do that at all the first time round…  the cosiness of Wrath dungeons, now I have run them for the umpteenth time.

And in a few days now, the new expansion will be here – new zones to level through and conquer, new quests to do, and laugh at, new pets to tame, new reputations to grind, new dungeons to die in, painfully, until they are either nerfed, or our gear gets good enough to survive them.  As with BC and Wrath in the early stages – there will be unnerfed levelling – watching the blue or purple XP bar move slowly from left to right across the screen, rather than leaping across in a single dungeon.

And another chance to have a total gear reset – for us all to start from (theoretically) the same starting point, before racing to level 85 and heroics, and raids…

So, in the last few days before the expansion hits, I really do need to clear my bags.  And perhaps fillet my collection of pretty dresses – they clog up my bank something shocking…

  1. 05/12/2010 at 12:21 pm

    I just can’t get rid of my pretty clothes and sets. Any that aren’t soulbound (Twill set) I store on an alt, but the rest clutter up my bank dreadfully.

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