Now that Cress is trying to get into heroics (those queues are so long, and they fall apart with the slightest pressure, like leaves falling off a tree) I’m levelling up professions – and alts to gather mats for her.

Time to bring back my DK – now sporting a frost 2H build.  And reading myself back into who she is – and why she is.

I originally created Kenau as a warrior, and wanted a name for her that was like Boadicea – something to mark her out as a warlike independent woman (my characters up to this time included my hunter, named after a TS Eliot character, and my mage and paladin, named after herbs).  Playing a warrior didn’t really work for me, so when Wrath was released, she became a Death Knight.

Levelling was easy.  There were far too many DKs loitering around at level 80 for her to get much playtime, so gradually, she got played less and less, until eventually, she just sat in her RP kit in Dalaran, cutting gems where needed.

Kenau’s backstory as a DK was made much richer by a story (I reposted it here) written for the Blizzard fanfiction contest.  Not only did Kenau star, but also my paladin, Parsley, and three members of our then 5-man dungeon team – all still playing – even though Tanque has now seen that the light lies in healing as a disc.

Very recently, one of my guildies at ItP[1] has helped breathe new life into my playing – teaching me the basics of frostDK rotation, and so now I obliterate and howling blast my way about the place – mining as I go.  The waters of Vash’jir and Uldum are currently hosting her adventures.

[1] if you read this, thank you, Matt

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