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Alt levelling

So – last night, my third toon reached 85 – the rogue.  So that makes Cress in max-pre raid gear (minus the valor point stuff, which takes a long time to collect outside raids).  Her professions are maxed.  Kenau is now in the bare minimum of heroic gear and needs to repgrind a smidge to get a few essentials – until the therazane enchants get to be BoA, she’ll need them, and also the faction with the melee DPS arcanum – at the moment, she is clearing up quests, and finishing the last few levels of jewelcrafting.  maxed on mining.

My rogue is an engineer and miner – not rushing to complete engineering – although maxed on mining.  Not maxed on fishing or cooking, so that needs working on  a little.  Gear is inadequate for heroics.  DPS questionable.

Druid is maxed on alchemy, but still level 82/83 and can only do respectable DPS against a non-moving target.  Still needs lots of play to get that working better.

Hunter is 83 – skinning and lw coming along well.

Paladin is 81 – enchanting is OK, but will need to level more in order to get to TH to get recipes.

Mage is 80 – tailoring going well, but see above.  Knows dreamweave.

Shaman is snoozing at 73 in Northrend.

Warlock is snoozing at 63 in Outland

Goblin has just made it to Orgrimmar.  And is level 13.  Heirlooms make levelling through quests almost ridiculous.

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