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priest – level 85, raid geared maxed skills – alch/BS plus all secondaries (bar First Aid) at max.   All current reps maxed

DK – level 85, heroic geared, maxed skills – mining, JC – some secondaries at max

rogue – level 85  quest geared, maxed mining, engineering lagging behind max cata, but getting there

druid – level 85 quest geared, maxed mining and alch

hunter  – level 83, nearly 84

shaman – level 74 cata inscription, northrend herbalism

mage level 80 ICC10 geared, high tailoring, northrend skinning

paladin level 81, quest geared, enchanting almost maxed, engineering still northrend level.



rogue 20 – tradeskills herbalism and alchemy

warlock 63 tradeskills tailoring and enchanting.



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