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Last night, my hunter hit 85, so that makes 5 now at that level.

My shammie is 83, my mage and paladin 81 and my horde lock is 70 – which leaves just my goblin.


I think my current plan is to level the lock, transfer a decent amount of  heirlooms to the rogue and then port him off server somewhere else.  Maybe I should try warrior one more time…


As far as raiding goes – well, *sigh* signup rates are now below sustainable levels – which means effectively that the raid guild is not a raid guild, only a social guild with some good players in it.  The politics behind this are, as can be expected, a mixture of conflicts between Real Life (and what is understood to be a RL emergency) and commitment.  There is a certain amount of illness/work constraints, but that being said, there are just not the numbers to even field a 10 man team.  Consistently, on a regular night of the week.  Some say they cannot come, and then are online shortly after raid start.  Some sign, and then do not turn up, some sign and then unsign for a variety of reasons, some sign and turn up again and again, some do not even sign.  And some are social rank, and therefore not expected to sign.

There seems to be a conflict between being all friends together (and not actually doing anything raiding wise even though labelled a raider rank) and actually agreeing that 10 people can be present at the same time for 3 hours – even for one night a week, we cannot get be sure that we will have numbers.

I have simmered a bit on my fury, and am now in the stage of mild dispair, where I do not know whether I will be raiding on Friday (which is a raid night, and as usual I have signed) not because I might be benched, but because it might not happen.  And I find it far easier to focus on my DPS when I have arranged childcare, arranged food and prepared myself for the night ahead – sometimes as much as a whole half day before the event.  I perform less well in an ad-hoc situation for which I am unprepared.

I am not sure whether the non-signing raiders know that some of us have to arrange with spouses/SOs/children what times we will be available for raiding, and how depressing it is when it doesn’t go through.  And it is, as it was in EO, the responsibility for everyone who considers themself to be on the raiding roster is there to actually make themselves available, for a decent number of scheduled raid days, so that everyone can raid – even if making yourself available does not guarantee a slot in the raid, it guarantees that the raid takes place, and the guild moves forward.

So, either the raiding roster needs to be trimmed to those who actually do sign, or the raid roster needs to  be bolstered by as much as 6 new (signing) raiders to make sure raiding happens.  Obvious spaces seem to be for a hunter, warlock, rogue, holy paladin, warrior, resto shaman.  We probably do not need any tanks (except we have no warrior tank) nor any druids or priests (shadow or otherwise).

There is the uncomfortable reality for some in that internet connections are not sound for at least 2 of our current raiders who would otherwise sign.

I am not sure whether I would get benched if we actually did have more signups – I suspect I would, since our current raids are so empty that there is an over-abundance of shadow-priests – 2 is probably too many for a 10 man.  But if raids actually happen – then this is better than no raids happening at all – at least the guild moves on, even if the individual player does not.

Something that cannot be solved by me wanting it to be – and there’s the rub – I have nothing to build on and nothing I can do to get it moving.

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