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Recruitment for Earthen Ring- EU

Following Korenwolf‘s post, here it is reproduced here – in case there is a difference in audience.

It seems that every time I am in town, there are numerous recruitment advertisements in trade.  And my own guild is one of them.  Unlike all the others I see, I can vouch for the friendly atmosphere of the guild – the desire that we all have to help each other out, the understanding we have when someone has a personal crisis that means they have to leave raid early, or take a raid break.  As a guild level 19, we have a large number of expert crafters, who can help you gem and enchant your gear – make potions for you, make food for you (we have both raid cauldron recipes) and generally help you put your best performance out.

Unlike some of the other guilds, we are happy to have you as a social member whilst you gear up – and if you show potential, you can apply to be a raider – when your DPS/tanking/healing skills can stand the current content we are working on.  If you have never tried raiding, but have the attitude that you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to the fight, then this would be an ideal place to start out.  We have comparatively short raids, but we seem to accomplish a fair amount in the time – our raiders learn quickly, and we hope you would too.  We like to respect one another, and we hope that you would like that atmosphere too.  Here follows the recruitment message

Immune to Psychology is a small friendly guild on Earthen Ring EU (Alliance side) with both a social aspect and 10-man raiding focus.  We need you to help us with beating up the big and the bad of Cataclysm.  Raiding on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights.

We are recruiting all roles but especially need melee and Healers. We are looking for skilled raiders who are committed to progression, know their class and always strive to improve. Cataclysm raid experience is helpful but not essential so long as you can show a knowledge of your class, practical application and have gear which is ready for raiding at the current level.

Raiding Schedule

Invites at 20:15
Pull at 20:30
Finish at 22:00 on Wednesday and Sunday, 22:30 on Friday
(All times given as server time)

Websites and other stuff

Check out our website for more information, policies and our application form

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