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Haemogoblin – Cute Horde Gnomes – Snuff

Getting the Stay Classy achievement for the guild meant I *had* to get myself a second account, didn’t it…

Some time ago, when on holiday in Whitby, I was talking about how enjoyable Gnomercy was – how we had a lot of fun in dungeons, and how I was learning to tank, and it was probably the most fun I was getting in WoW actually – just having a good time. And I proposed (to the other folk in the hot tub at the time, that is) that we have a horde side guild on Earthen Ring and call it Haemogoblin – and have an all-goblin levelling group. In the heady, steamy holiday hot-tub atmosphere, it seemed like a fantastic plan.

Back from holiday, there were Firelands dailies to be done until my brains were coming out of my ears – and for fun there was Gnomercy.

The gnomes are now 75 – and the keen beans have already levelled their professions to max cata level. And there will shortly be a day when they reach 85… so I proposed a horde-side goblin-centred guild. And we made one. And we have started levelling our gnomes to 15.

And some of us are just that keen that we have put a couple of alts in there as well.

This goblin guild coincides with the publication of the latest Terry Pratchett novel – Snuff (which is a really good read, btw) and for those who know Pratchett, the guild ranks are based on the Wee Free Men – our GM is the Kelda. There are pictsies, bigjobs and Carrots. Carrots are the taller folk – and also the lowest ranking – being higher up.

  1. Von
    18/10/2011 at 7:41 am

    No-one ever tells me nuffin’. Is this running on Tuesdays like Gnomercy?

  2. 18/10/2011 at 1:19 pm

    well – most of the people who are doing gnomercy are in some way involved with Haemogoblin. At the moment, we have no other plans than waiting for everyone to get to level 15… so far we have, I think, 5 players who have expressed an interest… I have selected the rug spot, M the mage, Si the warrior tank, EJ the shammy healer, Mr F the priest dps/heal and there is the odd person now coming up on the guild list who has just sort of *wandered in* from ItP.

    For some people, it’s just not possible unless you run two accounts – for others, it’s about deleting something that you’re just not really playing. Part of it is the novelty of horde quests/landscape/flavour after Alliance, and part of it is just happy happy levelling before grinding takes its toll on enjoyment. At least with levelling, there is no need to min/max/optimise your gear…

    TLDR: no dates/times set at all. Very much in at the beginning if you start now. And if you’re not a goblin, then you’ll just be slightly *different* from the rest of us. It’s a positive discrimination sort of thing. So far there is no secret language, no subtle handsignals, no inside jokes and we are just immigrants in a foreign land…

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