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How many characters do I need?

To be honest, I know that some may think that having too many characters is excessive.

Up until now, we have had a limit of 50 toons per account, with ten per server.

Until reasonably recently, you could not have horde toon and alliance toons on the same server, same account.

comments that perhaps they will life the restriction on the number of toons per account per server – meaning that potentially, you could have 50 characters slots…

Now *that* sounds appealing. Because at the moment, I have 9 alliance toons at 85, and one at 81 – and one at 20 something who I think I shall delete to make space…. I have 9 horde toons, one at 85, one at 82, and the rest at low levels (this second account is a bit new, so that’s why I have not so many on there. And where do I put the monk?

In the past, I have tried different realms – but somehow it has never been easy to get started there – one of the practical difficulties has been that all the heirlooms are effectively bound to one server, so you have to pay money to transfer a mule across bearing all the heirlooms you think you might need. The other is that, for some reason, I feel more connected to the home server – it seems strange, but I have the feeling that one of my horde toons might meet my alliance toons – because it is the same Stormwind, the same Orgrimmar… I don’t actually play both accounts simultaneously, because I don’t think my computer could cope with it – although I do know of some who do – making levelling characters even more of a breeze than it already is, by tugging them along behind you in dungeons, and making light work of group quests.

Sometimes I just get pleasure out of waving at people I sort of know from my new horde guilds when I am on my ally characters – in a neutral place like Dalaran. It’s completely the inverse of picking on people you actually know and being in disguise so they don’t know it, and really enjoying it (thinking of a The Guild episode here) – although sometimes I think that might have its attractions…

Will it mean I need my second account? hmm – I have not tried playing cross-faction AH games, nor whether I can trade from account A to account B – which perhaps might be something to think about… and now I have actually paid for a second set of game licences, it is only the monthly payment which is the saving… Although there would be the cost of transferring them all from account B back to account A if I did want to close account B…

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