About team tin can

Team Tin Can – this is the blog set up in honour of my ex-main, a dwarf holy paladin called Peterselie (Parsley in Dutch) who healed her way from level 30 onwards all the way through to 80 – and into heroics.

After deciding that 2 healerdins in a heroic was too much, but unable to change her ways, I levelled a DPS DK (Kenau).  But still, 3 paladins, a DK and awarrior made Team Tin Can – a team doing heroics the hard way.

So there was my hunter, Stetson – so I levelled him up and he is my ranged DPS, but cannot leave BM behind.  He is now capable of running all Northrend heroics, with Morgan, the aqua-striped tiger.

And then my explosive mage – Bieslook – who was an utter pain to level.  She levelled with Ariciel, a druid, who is now a tankydrood.  She likes arcane explosions, which leave her with a headache.  All oom.

And then came Cresside.  Cress was a fast levelling experiment – and once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Levelled up to 80 as a shadowpriest, and then applied to a raiding group, and learned (am still learning) how to holypriest.  Think I may have learned a bit, but there is a long way to go before I can be sure I know what I am doing.

Cress is now my official main, as I spend the most time on her – although the time /played is under 50 days.  The levelling was fast, as I say.

What does that leave me with?  A druid called Nessalda, who can’t do the cat DPS thing properly just yet and relies on cat-swipe to get any DPS done at all, a rogue called Neuri who was meant to be a placeholder for my worgen, and then accidentally got quite far quite fast,  a shaman called Mareva, featured in the www.strangelastdays.wordpress.com stories,  an Undead warlock – where I got carried away with the experiment, and who now sits in Hellfire waiting for some attention, and a placeholder for my Goblin-to-be…

Gief more character slots!

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