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Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft

Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft.


Although I have now signed up with a main spec of shadow, I still think about healing as holy – and wonder about whether I have made the right decision to leave it behind in this expansion.


Which is one of the reasons I read about Derevka (Garona US) at – and am thinking about updating my holy spec and glyph choices.


He seems not to have abandoned the use of Prayer of Healing yet – even though it is the sort of cast you use earlier in a raid tier, rather than later, where it doesn’t see quite so much use (people know where not to stand, and instinctively move out of fire before it is cast etc, and fights take a shorter amount of time. etc etc)

I don’t want to forget all I learned about holy healing – after all, I did it for about a year or so – and let my offspec slide into uselessness.  If I do that, I might as well have a PVP spec as offspec – they would see the same amount of use…

There is good news on the guild front – potentially more raids – which pleases me, as I am a 2-3 raids a week, every week sort of raider – less than that means I lose concentration/focus.  And means that my raiding experiece falls behind where I think it should be.  I’ll admit to being one of those people that sees a debuff dodging fight a few times before it sticks in the subconscious enough to be good at a role – I never was one for sight-reading at the piano after all.



So far, I have been to Baradin Hold twice – kills both times – first time was a first kill – much running around madly…

And Magmaw – as DPS.  The tactic of all players bar tanks together in a melee group, and one player at ranged really worked for the positioning of the column of fire – we managed to DPS down the adds, even with mind sear being nerfed.

Three priests in 10 – so three Hymns of Hope – all required.

And it felt like a solid kill.

Next was the Tron Council  – by the end of scheduled raid time,  I thought we had got the rhythm down – now we need to pick it up and do a little more and we are there.  Target switching needs to be slightly more focussed – but otherwise good – we were regularly at 50% with good healer mana, but it seemed to slide a bit round about boss number 7 – Arcanotron seems to be the easiest – and having a regular dedicated interrupt on the big damage casts is also helpful.

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Leap of Faith – Squishy says: help!/hold it right there!

So the usual thoughts about this one are:

a) how to grief friendlies
b) how to get a DPS out of the fire
c) how to stop your tank from charging too far ahead

but how about:

a) how to bring your tank/plate melee to you so that you can be protected by them
i) ^^ in battlegrounds/other PvP
ii) when you have unaccountably got aggro in PvE (oh, over DPS is one thing, but overhealing is another. And dispelling seems to have an unfortunate habit of annoying enemy NPCs) and your tank is too far/does not have an intercept ability, and this is accepted as a tactic with your group…

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Cataclysm: Uldum – that’s another fine mess…

You can take away my freedom, but – look, why didn’t you just let me dot them up and run around from side to side – we’d have been OK, trust me, I’m a priest…

Patch 4.0.1 – Cataclysm starts now!

14/10/2010 2 comments

To be honest, I think that the blog will take a back seat for the next few weeks, as I struggle to get to grips with the new mechanics…

Let’s see, after hours of download yesterday, a complete wipe of my addon folder and some new downloads later, I have several key addons not working/not updated.

I have several missing glyphs – most of them have been destroyed.

I have re-configured the Power Auras for 2 characters, bought some T10 for my new rogue, attempted two heroics as DPS, gemmed and enchanted the new stuff (almost). I have configured clique for the priest only (2 specs)

Noticed that my hunter now needs new gems, made one spec for my mage, made a dodgy feral dps spec and a dodgy heal spec for my druid, made a DPS spec for my DK, and gone round sholazar a few times hoovering up the herbs so I can persuade a willing scribe to make the missing glyphs on *all* of them…

My plans over the next week are to attempt to fill in the missing holes in the addons, get a few more glyphs made up, practice heals and dps on the priest, practice dps on the mage and rogue.

Just possibly, I might try and play on the other toons a bit, just so that I know what the buttons do now… but the immediate priority is the priest, rogue and mage…

As for the emblems – well, I spent some on my rogue – and there is still one or two more items to get – but just about everyone else is going to keep their emblems in the bank – unless I get close to the cap – and I’ll worry about that when it happens. Getting emblems (points) now will be a happy by-product of learning to play again. And I can see how the money is going to be useful, given the costs of the next expansion…

Rogue 80: Rogue 80 Hit Caps

Rogue 80: Rogue 80 Hit Caps.

Now I have my combat-specced rogue at 80, I am working on gear.

I am gemming constantly for agility, and looking for drops that have agility and arpen on them.

I have enchanted for agility and have chosen the icewalker enchant for my boots, to increase my +hit chance and my crit rating.

I believe that this posts suggests that although the melee hit cap is 8% (as expected) my 5/5 precision helps make my effective melee hit cap 3%.

However my poison hit cap is 17% (less 5% this is 12%).

I am currently sitting on 10.8% hit from my gear, so this means I am within shouting distance of the poison hit cap – at 15.8%.  Add a draenai and I am very close.  Or add a shadowpriest and I am capped.

My current rotation (plan) is to Sinister Strike to 5 combat points, then Slice and Dice, then Sinister Strike to 5 and then rupture.   Then sinister strike until 5 points and if it is not dead,  then Eviscerate.

The thing is, I am not yet at the point where I have got my CDs under control.  I sometimes end up with SnD dropping, because I was too busy watching the combat points number, or without energy.  Also, I have not effectively worked out a multi-target strategy that seems effective – other than hitting tricks to tank and charging in with FoK or Killing Spree.  If things die too fast, then I cannot follow the combat point rotation above, because I barely get 3 Sinister Strikes in (with blade Flurry that is slightly better, but the comabt points do not seem to add up any faster).  I am leaning towards a 1 point SnD starter, then as many CPs as I can before a rupture, so long as it is not dead yet.

My DPS is a little ineffectual.  Against the dummy I can get up to 2900 – using the single target rotation.  But it is not yet fixed in my internal timing system yet, as to which ability is about to go.

One of the things I am trying to train myself atm is to always have tricks on CD.  And to try and interrupt as much as possible – I think I need some alteration of my action bars to make it slightly easier – perhaps a keybind or two.  It gets a lot easier when I remember the fights and what to expect.  There is probably an interrupt addon out there that makes it slightly more easy than the default interface.  But practice has to make it easier.

So, practicing in heroics (preferably ICC ones) is what I really want to do with Neuri – the badges will soon turn into badges of super-duperness with the next patch badge-conversion system – so I shall get an effective triumph=> Frost badge conversion.  So nothing wasted there then.  But the real thing I am trying to achieve is practice.  And apart from working on the target dummy (which very obligingly stays still and does not attempt to eat me) this seems the best way.  Because 3K DPS is way too low now for my gear level – I’m fairly sure it should be heading towards 5K+ – there are a few pieces of ilvl 200 in there, but I’m pretty sure more could be squeezed out of the kit if I really understood what I was doing.

Picking Hard Modes « I Like Bubbles

Picking Hard Modes « I Like Bubbles.

This is quite interesting – since ItP now have a substantial number of Slayers, we are trying heroic modes.  And, basically, we are trying everything on heroic mode until the servers break on us…

So, that’s Marrogar, LDW, Gunship and *kersplat**Ow!* Saurfang – Ok, we try that one on Friday…

I’m supposing it’s more about going for a new challenge.  And, boy, Saurfang is a challenge for us – but we are getting closer and closer to it.

I quite like being able to do heroic modes – the tuning suits me better – it reminds me of when EO were learning ICC25 9 months ago – we were triumph +1 geared, and there was no buff – things were a lot harder then.  And therefore a lot more fun to achieve.  Everyone had to pull their weight and then some.

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