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MOP Beta: how to get your first panda quest

If you are amongst the new group of testers arriving in April 2012, then you will know the torture of arriving on the panda island.  There are people milling around, and your first quest target is virtually invisible.  There are all sorts of macro-like spammers trying to interact with something.

The first thing to do is to map a button on your keyboard to the function “interact with target”.  You find this by going through your keybindings options: you will find it under the targeting options. I use backspace

The next thing is to EITHER press control V to see all friendly health bars, and to select your target by clicking on it, OR to type /tar [name of questgiver]

Then once you have targetted the first questgiver (/tar master) then move close enough to interact with him and press the key you have chosen (ie backspace).  Hey presto, you have acquired your first quest.

This method also applies for interacting with other NPCs, and some quest objects.

This works.  Other people seem to spend lots of time spamming/c target or /c interact and this does not appear to bring them much joy, just endless general chat spammage that hurts the eyes and the framerate.  I have not tried that method, but ofc you can if you want.  It just might get you nowhere.


Transmog, Void Storage – where are they? And the reforger has *gone*!


First a map of Stormwind showing me in the shop – the cool place to be.

And another shot of just outside the shop:


This is the place where you will find three Ethereals (think Mana Tombs).  On the left is the reforging service – the one that used to be done by an Elf in the Enchanter Trainer area.

In the middle is the new Void Storage guy – who wants to relieve you of a *lot* of money.  First you need to establish your bona fides with him by crossing his palm with 100G.  For this he explains that you can put your stuff in the top box, for the price of 25G per item.  You can then get them into storage – and if you wish to withdraw them, then you take them from the store and  put them in the outbox.  He will *not* accept items that are unique equip – so a lot of seasonal outfits will not fit in there.  He will not accept items that need darning, or have dents in, so, off you go and repair them…  He will also not accept anything that is not soulbound.  And he will strip the items of any reforging, enchants or gems.


Finally, there is the transmog vendor – who will make your outfit look different – you can only swap like for like though.  So a plate wearer cannot look as if they are wearing cloth – and a mace cannot be made to look like a sword.  Either drag your item to the slot on the armour model, or right click on it, and pay up…


Hope this helps, have a nice day.

Hallow’s End – the Lost Bags

Having run several of my toons through the festival dungeon, I am so glad that I don’t have the cogwheel error from last year. Because that was a total disaster for me.

This year’s buggyiness surrounds the bags that drop. Certainly tonight (this morning) the pumpkin-bags have to be opened before you leave the dungeon. Or they disappear entirely from your inventory when you leave.

Some people report losing the items from the bags themselves, and money. I’ve certainly had a ring which I won on a roll – and that stayed.

Serves me right for clicking “leave party” so soon after the guy died

Zul Gurub Heroic. Buggy…. Check your settings.

First night after the new patch is down.  Massive numbers of disconnects.  Complaining afterwards, our resident network computer expert explained that in the recent patch, an essential setting had been changed.

This is the pic showing how it *should be* if you experienced the same die ->disconnect from server->reconnect dead->enter instance-> not part of a group->ported out rigmarole that we had.

ie – both boxes unchacked…

Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft

Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft.


Although I have now signed up with a main spec of shadow, I still think about healing as holy – and wonder about whether I have made the right decision to leave it behind in this expansion.


Which is one of the reasons I read about Derevka (Garona US) at – and am thinking about updating my holy spec and glyph choices.


He seems not to have abandoned the use of Prayer of Healing yet – even though it is the sort of cast you use earlier in a raid tier, rather than later, where it doesn’t see quite so much use (people know where not to stand, and instinctively move out of fire before it is cast etc, and fights take a shorter amount of time. etc etc)

I don’t want to forget all I learned about holy healing – after all, I did it for about a year or so – and let my offspec slide into uselessness.  If I do that, I might as well have a PVP spec as offspec – they would see the same amount of use…

There is good news on the guild front – potentially more raids – which pleases me, as I am a 2-3 raids a week, every week sort of raider – less than that means I lose concentration/focus.  And means that my raiding experiece falls behind where I think it should be.  I’ll admit to being one of those people that sees a debuff dodging fight a few times before it sticks in the subconscious enough to be good at a role – I never was one for sight-reading at the piano after all.

The Pink Pigtail Inn: I dinged 85 and went straight to Naxx

18/12/2010 1 comment

The Pink Pigtail Inn: I dinged 85 and went straight to Naxx.

Inspired by this post, I logged a suggestion on our guild forum, and we went and downed Marrowgar in record time…

And collected our points.  And what do points mean?


Mastering the Shadow Priest Before 85: DoTs and Haste

Mastering the Shadow Priest Before 85: DoTs and Haste.

Useful for reference.

I’m torn between trying to level up skills and reputations for better gear and actually standing at the target dummy practising the rotation.

At the moment, I still find myself short of mana in a multi-mob fight – dotting up and then focus firing leaves me quite short – OTOH, a single target fight will not necessarily do so – because then I get to time my fiend and SW:D and archangel and keep the replenishment rotation up.

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