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Haemogoblin – Cute Horde Gnomes – Snuff

17/10/2011 2 comments

Getting the Stay Classy achievement for the guild meant I *had* to get myself a second account, didn’t it…

Some time ago, when on holiday in Whitby, I was talking about how enjoyable Gnomercy was – how we had a lot of fun in dungeons, and how I was learning to tank, and it was probably the most fun I was getting in WoW actually – just having a good time. And I proposed (to the other folk in the hot tub at the time, that is) that we have a horde side guild on Earthen Ring and call it Haemogoblin – and have an all-goblin levelling group. In the heady, steamy holiday hot-tub atmosphere, it seemed like a fantastic plan.

Back from holiday, there were Firelands dailies to be done until my brains were coming out of my ears – and for fun there was Gnomercy.

The gnomes are now 75 – and the keen beans have already levelled their professions to max cata level. And there will shortly be a day when they reach 85… so I proposed a horde-side goblin-centred guild. And we made one. And we have started levelling our gnomes to 15.

And some of us are just that keen that we have put a couple of alts in there as well.

This goblin guild coincides with the publication of the latest Terry Pratchett novel – Snuff (which is a really good read, btw) and for those who know Pratchett, the guild ranks are based on the Wee Free Men – our GM is the Kelda. There are pictsies, bigjobs and Carrots. Carrots are the taller folk – and also the lowest ranking – being higher up.


Parsley is back! And more have arrived…

Parsley is back – and I feel much better for it. She is still undecided about her function in life, but is the same old dorf with red hair that she was at the beginning.

And Anklebijter is now in her mid 60s, tanking a bit.

And Ellandriel the mage (for stay classy) is 85.

And Tesine the UD warlock is 73.

So that’s 8 at 85, 3 at over 70… yes, I wanted that second account – I now have more than 10 alliance toons on one server…

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Tonight is the night for our regular gnome dungeon adventures – I’m hoping we will have enough from the guild – as I am starting to get to like these runs.

I have never played a warrior before, and my experiments with tanking have been somewhat limited. Anklebijter (the team is all-gnome) is now in her 40s – as such, the dungeons have become more complex – and my skills and the rest of our team’s have also increased. I think things are going very fast, and I am slightly worried that I am not learning enough – I am blindly mashing buttons and hoping my taunt is off CD – our mage at the back seems to have a bit of an aggro-magnet quality….

Moving and shaking

I had not realised that the name chosen for my dorf was so capable of being misread or mispelled – until I saw it.  Rather like I had not thought that calling an English house after the Dutch word for “watermill” would not really be great until I wrote it down and thought – hey, that looks like someone doesn’t know how to spell Watermelon….

Upshot is, that my dorf paladinette has had a namechange – this time to something entirely questionable – she is now Utukutu, found in the English Swahili dictionary as meaning mischievous/naughty and similar things.

My wolfylock is now level78, and still only in Grizzly hills – but more or less on the home strait now.

My warrior tank is still only 25 – as I had a week off with going to visit friends, followed by a parental visitation, the team must have thought I abandoned them – last Tuesday didn’t happen at all, much to my chagrin…  The whole idea is to level in company, rather than as individuals – tempting though it is to just get on with it.


04/05/2011 1 comment

Meeting number 2 went well – again we only managed to field 4 gnomes – RL has a way of pouncing on you sometimes I think – and we ran SFK far too many times…

I have a feeling that the guys behind me are being rather well behaved – apart from a succy who was determined to have her way with someone I had not introduced myself to, nothing happened that was not out of control – I love my taunt button.  Our rogue is not dying, despite being very close to the action, and having limited threat drop capability.

I am worried though – because although the boss/mobs do not tend to wander off, sometimes they flip round away from me – and I don’t know whether this is failure to establish enough aggro, or just a boss manoeuvre.  I was also getting a bit complacent by the time we had gone round 3 times – which is perhaps not a good sign.

The no heirlooms thing means that I have less trouble keeping aggro than I would otherwise do – I think – even if we have allowed 1 heirloom per person, this is not significantly altered the set up – now the guild is level 20, I guess we could all have a second heirloom without too much trouble – but it might alter the quality of play…

Looking forward to having a decent interrupt and being able to charge in defensive stance…

29/04/2011 2 comments

Gnomercy had its first outing – we progressed five levels, and I had the most fun I have had in ages.  Such a pity that we did not have a full complement of guild gnomes, due to hardware issues, but I feel encouraged enough to try this again.

My guild has some awesome people in it.

I might have to see if Cresside can craft any low level gear for Anklebijter – although it’s quite difficult to get it right – I keep changing gear from dungeons so often…

Gnomercy! (Earthen Ring EU)

14/04/2011 3 comments

Now I have deleted the last goblin from my home server, I have rolled up a warrior.

And opened up recruitment for an exclusive all-gnome team – my guild (Immune to Psychology) have taken to the idea, it seems, and we now have the first fiveman group  – warrior tank (have I mentioned I have never succeeded at this class or role?) priest healer, lock, mage and rogue.

I am not sure sure how we will succeed in pvp – since those with heirlooms are at a distinct advantage.  Perhaps we will break the no-heirlooms rule, and have to farm heroics for JP and all the bits and pieces…

So far, it is oddly similar to when I first started playing WoW – I am not outgearing the mobs in each zone, I die unreasonably often, and I finish quest chains.  It is less dull, because the margin between gear and content is a lot closer.

I anticipate that low level dungeons will be *hard* and require some thought and effort – two other guildies are powerlevelling through dungeons, and exclaimed that the healing was “piss easy” and they were twiddling their thumbs…  I anticipate this may be as a  result of wearing heirlooms (in addition to the fact that they are good players, of course) softening the sharp edges…

If anyone reading this blog happens to want to join in Gnomercy! drop me a line.  My warrior is Anklebijter.  The plan is to level all gnomes to level 15 before starting on dungeon running and other levelling activities.  Like suicide through PvP for a start.

Needless to say, you must be a Gnome.  That’s the point.

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