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Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft

Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft.


Although I have now signed up with a main spec of shadow, I still think about healing as holy – and wonder about whether I have made the right decision to leave it behind in this expansion.


Which is one of the reasons I read about Derevka (Garona US) at – and am thinking about updating my holy spec and glyph choices.


He seems not to have abandoned the use of Prayer of Healing yet – even though it is the sort of cast you use earlier in a raid tier, rather than later, where it doesn’t see quite so much use (people know where not to stand, and instinctively move out of fire before it is cast etc, and fights take a shorter amount of time. etc etc)

I don’t want to forget all I learned about holy healing – after all, I did it for about a year or so – and let my offspec slide into uselessness.  If I do that, I might as well have a PVP spec as offspec – they would see the same amount of use…

There is good news on the guild front – potentially more raids – which pleases me, as I am a 2-3 raids a week, every week sort of raider – less than that means I lose concentration/focus.  And means that my raiding experiece falls behind where I think it should be.  I’ll admit to being one of those people that sees a debuff dodging fight a few times before it sticks in the subconscious enough to be good at a role – I never was one for sight-reading at the piano after all.


I am renewed!

Slightly disappointing to note that the Chakra: Renew will be disappearing in cataclysm – but understandable, since I always did like renew for its ability to stick on a player going out of range, and its *beat the lag*  ability.

Healed the hole of ICC10 with a druid on Wednesday as holy – and was utterly distraught to find that my mana regen has been nerfed.  Unfortunately, I was picked up by a valkyr whilst suffering from infest (which I could not heal myself through ofc) and died as they kicked the valk in the nadgers – on accepting my res, I buffed myself with the standard 3 buffs and was distraught to find mt regen seems nerfed – I can no longer recommence healing from the dead.  I even triggered my ice sliver and my fiend (who I still havn’t named – calling him Fiendy is really uninspired) and still was OOM.  Completely OOM.  That kill has to be closest kill in history – our other healer died, the spriest was stuck in the sword, the purple spirits were not killed and sploded on the tanks and melee and the last thing left killing Arthas was a warlock heroicly tanking and the last gasp of my renew ticking (empty blue bar, helpless, woe).

Dear Gods, if this mana regen is working as intended, Cataclysm will be painful.  I am overgeared for this content – I should have mana to spare and then some…

OTOH, we saved the dwagon in record time.  I was not the only one healing her, natch, but still.

Just call me “priest”

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Reading a few blogs, it seems that quite a lot of people take it as an insult to be identified by their class, and not by their name – most frequently in group situations – 5 mans or raids.

I admit, it does mean that you have been reduced to anonymity  – and perhaps you think you deserve the respect of your name being used – and by extension find it rude if this is not done.  But I have an alternate suggestion:

It might not be meant to be offensive.

The thing is – speaking from a healer POV, I have Grid up all the time.  In fact I have it installed on all my characters, disabling it when I need to.  When I go into an instance, I know my mental processes are somewhat basic.  Briefly:

Are the bars full?

Is everyone in range?

Have I buffed?

What have we got – who is the tank?

Shortly after that, I find we are in combat – if not part way through that list.  People don’t tend to hang about to say hello, or have a food buff – and my job is to keep people alive, so I work on that.  I might notice that the dps is red (DK), pink (paladin) purple (lock) yellow (rogue) white (priest) green (hunter) shaman (blue) or druid (orange).  And adjust my healing priorities based on the likelihood that they will take damage.  On my grid frames, although I have the space to show names, I also have other alerts – to show debuffs, incoming heals, active heals or shields I have up.  This might mean that I cannot read the names of the characters concerned – unless we are out of combat and there is no conflicting information showing.

It is unlikely that I would say “rogue move” because I might not have time to type it out, but it is likely that I would not look beyond that to work out the name.  Because in the current anonymity of instance running, that is all that I know.  That the yellow bar is getting lower and lower, has a poison debuff I cannot take away and is taking the healing effort that I should be spending on the tank…

Put the stress on the healing, and the information gets briefer and briefer.  You did want healing, right?

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Leap of Faith – Squishy says: help!/hold it right there!

So the usual thoughts about this one are:

a) how to grief friendlies
b) how to get a DPS out of the fire
c) how to stop your tank from charging too far ahead

but how about:

a) how to bring your tank/plate melee to you so that you can be protected by them
i) ^^ in battlegrounds/other PvP
ii) when you have unaccountably got aggro in PvE (oh, over DPS is one thing, but overhealing is another. And dispelling seems to have an unfortunate habit of annoying enemy NPCs) and your tank is too far/does not have an intercept ability, and this is accepted as a tactic with your group…

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10 Reasons People Don’t Heal | World of Matticus

10 Reasons People Don’t Heal | World of Matticus.

There’s so much about this that I understand – from the main article to the comments – and it’s the reason why I like to DPS in pugs – and why I like to heal in raids.

The thing is – in a group of people that I know, all will make an effort to take care of themselves – to get out of the fire, to DPS from behind the boss (except where this is not possible), to behave responsibly, with respect for others.  In those situations, it is OK to admit blame, pick yourself up and carry on – or to work out a new strategy, pursue that and get further.

In pugs, this is not the same.  People tend to have no respect for each other – they are careless of their own health, they can be rude and abusive of each other, and they are free to BS their way out of situations – like the tank quitting because the DPS is “too low” when proper tanking techniques could have managed to defeat the instance.  Or not holding aggro causing massive group damage and overstressed healer.  In those cases, being DPS is the easiest – your job is to kill things fast. In a group of unknowns, DPS meters are all that matters – it is the easiest (and most superficial) diagnostic of those pulling their weight.

In an arranged group, it’s not that the numbers are unimportant, but that if you can manage it, then you take on the responsibility for CC/interrupts/offheals – those gimp your personal DPS, but allow for the whole group to finish off the task more quickly – because you know the group, then greater utility and less DPS is expected, and there is less defensive reliance on the DPS meter – in favour of a collective benefit.  In those circumstances, stealing aggro by pre-pulling, or standing in fire, or failing to move to dismiss a debuff or accept a buff is part of the more sensitive diagnosis of the DPS skills.  As a result, DPS and tanks tend to work together more – reducing the burden on healers, and working as a team…

That’s why I like to heal in groups of people I know – for raiding – where I can do the job of healing people who make a decent effort to stay alive, and not to think only of themselves.  Where I am not the only reason for a wipe – or where it feels like that – where the burden of getting an encounter down is shared more equally.

TLDR: this is a social game – the closer the bonds between the players, the more likely they are to cooperate to achieve a common goal. When there is no social link between players, behaving defensively is far more likely – got to look after number one.

Picking Hard Modes « I Like Bubbles

Picking Hard Modes « I Like Bubbles.

This is quite interesting – since ItP now have a substantial number of Slayers, we are trying heroic modes.  And, basically, we are trying everything on heroic mode until the servers break on us…

So, that’s Marrogar, LDW, Gunship and *kersplat**Ow!* Saurfang – Ok, we try that one on Friday…

I’m supposing it’s more about going for a new challenge.  And, boy, Saurfang is a challenge for us – but we are getting closer and closer to it.

I quite like being able to do heroic modes – the tuning suits me better – it reminds me of when EO were learning ICC25 9 months ago – we were triumph +1 geared, and there was no buff – things were a lot harder then.  And therefore a lot more fun to achieve.  Everyone had to pull their weight and then some.

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Good discussion post on the new patch glyphs.   I will need new glyphs cutting.  I do like the psychic scream one much more….

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