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Parsley is back! And more have arrived…

Parsley is back – and I feel much better for it. She is still undecided about her function in life, but is the same old dorf with red hair that she was at the beginning.

And Anklebijter is now in her mid 60s, tanking a bit.

And Ellandriel the mage (for stay classy) is 85.

And Tesine the UD warlock is 73.

So that’s 8 at 85, 3 at over 70… yes, I wanted that second account – I now have more than 10 alliance toons on one server…

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Moving and shaking

I had not realised that the name chosen for my dorf was so capable of being misread or mispelled – until I saw it.  Rather like I had not thought that calling an English house after the Dutch word for “watermill” would not really be great until I wrote it down and thought – hey, that looks like someone doesn’t know how to spell Watermelon….

Upshot is, that my dorf paladinette has had a namechange – this time to something entirely questionable – she is now Utukutu, found in the English Swahili dictionary as meaning mischievous/naughty and similar things.

My wolfylock is now level78, and still only in Grizzly hills – but more or less on the home strait now.

My warrior tank is still only 25 – as I had a week off with going to visit friends, followed by a parental visitation, the team must have thought I abandoned them – last Tuesday didn’t happen at all, much to my chagrin…  The whole idea is to level in company, rather than as individuals – tempting though it is to just get on with it.

The Frosty Train

05/04/2010 5 comments

Team Pirate has recently welcomed into its ranks two old friends – who raided until the opening of Ulduar, but who then retired.

And at the same time, the existing team has seen the arrival of two new level 80 toons – one DK and one mage.

If only the gearing of the toons was not such a grind – but at least we are in good company.

This begs the question, should I bring my old holy paladin and my old DK out of storage?  Both of them have hardly seen the light of day since about August 2009, and would require about as much effort to gear as a newly hatched 80, in terms of badger runs through heroics.

It’s a hope – but the rhino skin is lacking – for example I took out the DK into a pug, and it was Gundrak.  The ranged DPS pulled the purple-spewing mob all over the place, and I barely got a hit in.  There were a few sarcastic comments and then a stream of nub DK comments, and then I dropped party, embarrassed and feeling pretty humiliated.  All she’s done since then is to cut gems.

As for the holy paladin – well, apart from the healer needing to be on their toes with mad chainpulling tanks and crazy DPS, the main concern I have is that I would get confused with my key combinations, and thus make playing Cress a lot harder.  I mean, I have got to the stage where I do not have to think about my keybinds when the bars look like *that* and so I’d hate to lose any of that.

In other news, Team Pirate managed to 8man Marrogar!  Because we could!  And we one-shot him!  Not quite sure why we thought we couldn’t 8-man Onyxia after that, but we didn’t.  And most of the team have now got their friendly-rep rings with Ashen Verdict, which is nice.

And I have donated 4 primordial saronite to my favourite bear, so she can have some new boots made up

Things to do before Cataclysm

20/01/2010 1 comment

Now, I’m not sure when cataclysm will be out – Wolf initially said Easter, and now things Autumn.

Wolk came out in November.

I think that Cata will come out in July – or at least before the end of August.

Apart from the storing up of money (plus ca change) I’m wondering whether to concentrate on getting a few things done now that will be impossible after the event. Or whether to continue bumbling along anyway, not really thinking about it, because gearing the current characters takes time, and after all, I should have a sense of proportion when prioritising my life in general.

Part of my difficulty is not knowing who to focus on – I have Cress geared up to raid – even her offspec is not all that bad. I have geared Stetson to do all current heroics, including the new ones, but he has always been an alt. I have Peterselie, who is undergeared for the current content, given that people feel the need to faesrol their way though every heroic. I’ve not even tested her out on the LFG random heroics yet because I am that nervous about how people blatently wanted into danger (I’m thinking of Pit of Saron and Bronjahm’s swirly death that sometimes hunters *have* to stand in. You are not tanks! Stop taking that sort of damage!

Peterselie still has more achievements, partly because she has been around a lot longer. Was around for the Lich King event, and spent time doing dailies in IOQD before WoLK came out. Cress, on the other hand, has far more raid achievements, and, being human, finds reputation gains easy. She is a lot more fragile, however, and soloign content can be difficult if things hit back. Peterselie can solo more content, because what doesn’t hit bounces off plate, for the most part.

So – is PS the main (given that I have not played with her for over 5 months, it doesn’t seem so) or Cresside (who is played every day, almost without exception)?

Because – who do I spend the time on – filling out the achievements – do I get Loremaster on Cress or PS? And what about the Scepter of the Shifting Sands? That’s something that needs the cooperation of other people. And will cost substantial amounts of time as well. Who should do them? Or should I just let the opportunity to get these done slip away, in the interests of getting all my characters levelled to 80?

Whilst Loremaster is almost entirely soloable, Sceptre is not – it involves raid instances and mobs that need a party to kill – mainly for fight dynamics – I do not think that my shadowfiend can tank.

It’s at this sort of time that I wish AB had a website, so that I could post up a request for assistance.

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Gearing and the Frosty Train

Having geared Peterselie and Kenau up through heroics the hard way, and then bundled Cresside through collecting emblems, the attraction of doing dungeons is somewhat limited.


the fact that you can now buy the new Icecrown crafty thing of craftiness with 23 forst emblems means that I want as many of my level 80 toons to be out there farming frost emblems as possible.

To this end, I am attempting to gear Stetson, my number 1 hunter, in gear suitable for running heroics, and making sure he does his daily dungeon. I am also running Cress through every day.

I have however, not had the guts to subject kenau and peterselie through the random dungeon process. They should be geared sufficiently, but I just can’t face it. There is something curiously underwhelming about can-carrying as a healer in a random pug.

Since the last patch, I have not really revised my unholy DPS rotation, and have just pinched a blood spec for Kenau to try out. I have no idea if she will be any good at it – after so long with unholy, it seems a shame to change, but they say that the best DPS is from blood now – and I have to admit, I’d like to pull more DPS. It might be gear related, but I can’t seem to do as much as I want. Blood is even worse though. Maybe I just lack the correct rotation. Or application. Against a dummy, with the rotation advised, I seem to get very little – under 2K. That will not cut it. If I do enoough random daily pugs though, I might improve *slightly*.

That just leaves the newly hatched mage and hunter (2) to work through. It could be laughable.

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21/07/2009 4 comments

Never was good at climbing the slippery pole…Naxx 25 wws link

I got my tier trousers.  And a few other goodies.

Since that makes 3 pieces of tier now, I am swapping out the gloves for the glove drop – they’re in the bank, so if I get another piece for the 4 set bonus, then I can put them on again.

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Ulduar 10 and hard modes

08/07/2009 1 comment

Well, tonight turned out to be fun – but earlier on, it was not fun at all – just tenseness and unpleasantness.

Maybe I acquitted myself adequately, given that my gear is less than optimal.

Linky below


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