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Gnomercy! (Earthen Ring EU)

14/04/2011 3 comments

Now I have deleted the last goblin from my home server, I have rolled up a warrior.

And opened up recruitment for an exclusive all-gnome team – my guild (Immune to Psychology) have taken to the idea, it seems, and we now have the first fiveman group  – warrior tank (have I mentioned I have never succeeded at this class or role?) priest healer, lock, mage and rogue.

I am not sure sure how we will succeed in pvp – since those with heirlooms are at a distinct advantage.  Perhaps we will break the no-heirlooms rule, and have to farm heroics for JP and all the bits and pieces…

So far, it is oddly similar to when I first started playing WoW – I am not outgearing the mobs in each zone, I die unreasonably often, and I finish quest chains.  It is less dull, because the margin between gear and content is a lot closer.

I anticipate that low level dungeons will be *hard* and require some thought and effort – two other guildies are powerlevelling through dungeons, and exclaimed that the healing was “piss easy” and they were twiddling their thumbs…  I anticipate this may be as a  result of wearing heirlooms (in addition to the fact that they are good players, of course) softening the sharp edges…

If anyone reading this blog happens to want to join in Gnomercy! drop me a line.  My warrior is Anklebijter.  The plan is to level all gnomes to level 15 before starting on dungeon running and other levelling activities.  Like suicide through PvP for a start.

Needless to say, you must be a Gnome.  That’s the point.



There’s a definite feeling of autumn in the air for WoLK – lots of people are levelling, making the final push to 80 – or getting in a few achievements that they would not have time for otherwise.

This weekend, Cress was lucky enough to get a group that could manage Lessrabi – which is pretty amazing, since Cress can either damage things or heal things, but not interrupt – as it happened, both the healer and the tank switched to max DPS – only one interrupt seemed to be used (but I could be wrong). All over in a few seconds. I now have a red drake.

And I’m working on killing ogres around Nagrand for the Kurenai reputation – I am working through Revered now, but it’s a long old slog.

Worse than that, apparently, is the collection of stuff (that looks like dust) to make Halaa tokens – one of my new guildies was kind enough to log onto his horde alt, and dance around in his birthday suit in the graveyard, whilst a group of alliance 80s raced to see whether they could kill him before he got out of range. Feel the pain – I think he died over 150 times… Actually, it was a race to kill him before the DK ghoul did…

Trying to overcome my phobia about PvP – cue “feel the fear and do it anyway” – Neuri had the most fantastic time in random Wrath dungeons – levelled a whole level like that- probably only about 5 in total, but all pretty painless, in company with new guildies. Who pointed out that AV was a good place to get XP this weekend – and who said that rogues were fantastic in PvP… now at level 77, I have not taken Neuri anywhere near a battleground – so cue PvP achievements popping up all over the place… I have to be the worst PvP rogue in history – but amazingly, staying with the pack helped – and I didn’t even die – which was unusual. I usually die and then can’t orient myself to the *right* place to be…

I have *still* not completed Dragonblight as a result of this dungeon fun – so I have decided to take a trip up to the Argent Tournament to see what’s happening up there – and to do a few IC quests.

Our Sunday raid with ItP did not come off – probably because a few of the core raiders were unavailable – post wedding party fallout meant that they were probably tired. And/or hungover. And because RL>wow, this is fine. And just goes to show how important the presence of committed raiders is – and how casual signups cannot be relied upon to make up a raid – and how we all depend on each other to get something done. It’s not the absence of one individual that breaks us, it’s 4 people.

Having said that – the absence of 2 people meant that we nearly could not get Jaraxxus down – I was really hoping to do this on Bieslook, as she needs frosties more than Cress does, and should be amply geared for that instance – but… we had two new 80s with us, who were a bit rusty, and so 8 manning the beasts was painful… Popping over to TS brought 2 people from ItP to help out – which sort of saved the day really, as they were top damage.

Oh – is saying “your DPS is *enormous*” in awestruck tones [1] a bad thing? Because I used to think that getting over 1K DPS as an average in a dungeon before level 80 was quite good. But I was put to shame by a frost mage who was pulling 3K… about the same level as me…

[1] not sure if it counted as acceptable banter. Hoping so. It’s kind of easy to get too casual though. I remember one time I talked to the wife of another guildy whose opening comment was “I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time with my husband”….

PvP and the shadow priest I

04/12/2009 1 comment

So, I’m wondering about PvP, and my first step (after getting the basic tailored set) has been to improve some pieces through the honor system, and to use up some of my conqueror’s tokens on some PVP gear, filling slots with mostly resilience gems (regardless of gemslot bonuses). When I have the complete set (a few more conqs to get my shoulders….) then I’ll upgrade it from triumphs, when patch 3.3 drops next week… It is surprisingly enjoyable being able to bomb and shoot things when in a bad mood. And so cleansing for the mind – this is so happily black and white – if it’s red it’s dead etc etc…

I am surprised that I have managed to live so long – I die all the time, but compared to the costs of wiping in progression raids, it is like swatting a gnat. And in a BG, I am starting to find that if I stick to one particular thing that works better. I’m also staggered that I end up with sometimes as many as three of them trying to squash me… which is a bit of a joke really…

I’m stuck between healing in BGs and pewpew – the holy healing thing is a bit of a joke really – it seems that hardly anyone wants to be healed – after all, if they did, they would actually stand between that *huge* tauren and me… and soak up any heals. But no – they think that a single priest can defend somewhere on their own…. OK, perhaps it is possible for a single priest to take down a warlock and a rogue, but I can’t yet. My bad. I’m a nub.

So, a recent experiment with a PvP disc spec did not fill me with joy – I am going to leave that for a bit longer – and go back to a slightly modified PvP shadow spec. I have no idea if this is a good one – I just picked a few talents off the tree that seemed especially useful in PVP [Psychic Horror] [Improved Shadowform] [Veiled Shadows] and took some of the mana regen talents away – on the basis that I will probably not live long enough to run oom…

Here is the current build

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