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Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft

Talents & Glyphs – Game – World of Warcraft.


Although I have now signed up with a main spec of shadow, I still think about healing as holy – and wonder about whether I have made the right decision to leave it behind in this expansion.


Which is one of the reasons I read about Derevka (Garona US) at – and am thinking about updating my holy spec and glyph choices.


He seems not to have abandoned the use of Prayer of Healing yet – even though it is the sort of cast you use earlier in a raid tier, rather than later, where it doesn’t see quite so much use (people know where not to stand, and instinctively move out of fire before it is cast etc, and fights take a shorter amount of time. etc etc)

I don’t want to forget all I learned about holy healing – after all, I did it for about a year or so – and let my offspec slide into uselessness.  If I do that, I might as well have a PVP spec as offspec – they would see the same amount of use…

There is good news on the guild front – potentially more raids – which pleases me, as I am a 2-3 raids a week, every week sort of raider – less than that means I lose concentration/focus.  And means that my raiding experiece falls behind where I think it should be.  I’ll admit to being one of those people that sees a debuff dodging fight a few times before it sticks in the subconscious enough to be good at a role – I never was one for sight-reading at the piano after all.



So far, I have been to Baradin Hold twice – kills both times – first time was a first kill – much running around madly…

And Magmaw – as DPS.  The tactic of all players bar tanks together in a melee group, and one player at ranged really worked for the positioning of the column of fire – we managed to DPS down the adds, even with mind sear being nerfed.

Three priests in 10 – so three Hymns of Hope – all required.

And it felt like a solid kill.

Next was the Tron Council  – by the end of scheduled raid time,  I thought we had got the rhythm down – now we need to pick it up and do a little more and we are there.  Target switching needs to be slightly more focussed – but otherwise good – we were regularly at 50% with good healer mana, but it seemed to slide a bit round about boss number 7 – Arcanotron seems to be the easiest – and having a regular dedicated interrupt on the big damage casts is also helpful.

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I am renewed!

Slightly disappointing to note that the Chakra: Renew will be disappearing in cataclysm – but understandable, since I always did like renew for its ability to stick on a player going out of range, and its *beat the lag*  ability.

Healed the hole of ICC10 with a druid on Wednesday as holy – and was utterly distraught to find that my mana regen has been nerfed.  Unfortunately, I was picked up by a valkyr whilst suffering from infest (which I could not heal myself through ofc) and died as they kicked the valk in the nadgers – on accepting my res, I buffed myself with the standard 3 buffs and was distraught to find mt regen seems nerfed – I can no longer recommence healing from the dead.  I even triggered my ice sliver and my fiend (who I still havn’t named – calling him Fiendy is really uninspired) and still was OOM.  Completely OOM.  That kill has to be closest kill in history – our other healer died, the spriest was stuck in the sword, the purple spirits were not killed and sploded on the tanks and melee and the last thing left killing Arthas was a warlock heroicly tanking and the last gasp of my renew ticking (empty blue bar, helpless, woe).

Dear Gods, if this mana regen is working as intended, Cataclysm will be painful.  I am overgeared for this content – I should have mana to spare and then some…

OTOH, we saved the dwagon in record time.  I was not the only one healing her, natch, but still.

Cataclysm is coming: things to do… Insane

Well, in between running all the alts through the cataclysm themed quests for money or XP and “dunnit” status, I have been bashing myself up against That Achievement.

I mean, of course, the one that I had my eyes on for over 6 months, but which I told myself I would never do – that I had all the time in the world to do, because there was a blue post saying it did not have to be hurried:

Just for clarity, Insane in the Membrane will not be removed in Cataclysm. We can only confirm this one for you, but since it’s undoubtedly one of the most brain-melting achievements, we thought it nice to let you know that you don’t have to rush to have this done before the expansion. 😉

Ancilorn, 2009/11/18 02:11:48 AM at


So, I levelled a rogue, started working on the Ravenholdt reputation, started farming the mats for the DMF cards, handed in umpteen thorium widgets…  and was pickpocketing my way round LBRS on and off, running Strat for a mount, but not getting rid of the abom stitchings..

Then one of my guildies pointed out that there had been a Blizzcon announcement – and pointed me to a  Wow ladies thread on Livejournal.

So, recent news has changed the landscape a bit for me (see this thread on the forums) – and rather too close to the end of the expansion for comfort I have to say – especially given the difficulty of the grind – some of these reputations cannot be done in a hurry without a major spend on the Auction House – and some of them require BOP items as well.

The WoW armory feed for my characters seems to be down – but it would show that I have now completed the bloodthirsty spree on the goblins of Booty Bay.  They still hate me.  I am only halfway to getting remotely unfriendly with them – far less welcoming me with open arms.

And in the meantime, I am working my way round Dire Maul in an attempt to fetch librams and so on for those elven librarians…

This explains whyI occasionally take breaks to go and roll up low level alts on other servers, or go on gallivanting trips round Ulduar – to make a break from the grinding.

So far, I am working on getting my circuits of DM down  bit faster – I am afraid I cannot just charge through the mobs without any care and attention – or I use up all my mana too fast, then have to stop for regen.  So far it is roughly half an hour per run, if you count the run down to hand in the libram, get rid of the BOPs and greys…

This is definitely part of the achievement that is best done by an engineer with an enchanting skill – for the blues could make the right kind of shards for the achievement, instead of taking up vendor-space.

Following my work yesterday, I am now out of Skins of Shadow, so have to go and farm Scholo a bit to get some more.  Some more Pristine Black Diamonds coming my way would also be useful, and perhaps they might drop if I am lucky.  I am not sure I can afford to buy all the mats I need on AH – the market is extremely healthy…

I’m not completely confident I can get the librarians to love me long time in the next four weeks, but I’m going to make a stab at it.

What would be the end result?  Having the Insane title, and being member of aguild that is Immune to Psychology?  It just has to be tried 🙂

What a long strange trip – and fast flight

So, I delayed posting about this for a few days – I finally got my Sinister Squashling and Hallowed Helm, so managed to complete the meta achievement.

When I did so, the ability to fly faster started flashing in my professions tab.  I was so disappointed – thought that the speed increase was gone, with the new patch 4.0.1

Imagine how happy I was to get the skill when I actually did my ceremonial flight round Krasus Landing :))

It’s good to have got the meta.  Now to see if I can fill in the gaps and collect all the masks…

Leap of Faith – Squishy says: help!/hold it right there!

So the usual thoughts about this one are:

a) how to grief friendlies
b) how to get a DPS out of the fire
c) how to stop your tank from charging too far ahead

but how about:

a) how to bring your tank/plate melee to you so that you can be protected by them
i) ^^ in battlegrounds/other PvP
ii) when you have unaccountably got aggro in PvE (oh, over DPS is one thing, but overhealing is another. And dispelling seems to have an unfortunate habit of annoying enemy NPCs) and your tank is too far/does not have an intercept ability, and this is accepted as a tactic with your group…

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Cataclysm: Uldum – that’s another fine mess…

You can take away my freedom, but – look, why didn’t you just let me dot them up and run around from side to side – we’d have been OK, trust me, I’m a priest…

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