All that I write on this blog (with the exception of comments) is of course, my own.

But it troubles me that I have not made a formal declaration that this blog is about things Azerothian – that is, about the World of Warcraft gaming environment provided by Blizzard Entertainment. I here acknowledge all rights Blizzard has to their copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property.

Where I have copied and pasted links to other sites, they are attributed. Where there is an internet discussion over a particular issue, I have attempted to post a hyperlink to the original discussion so that all participants can have their recognition.

So – my words are mine, but I do not claim rights to any intellectual property belonging to another. If I have failed to properly acknowledge any rights, I apologise.

I am attempting to build in wowhead linking – but it may not work on a hosted blog – so all rights are recognised there too.

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