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MOP Beta: how to get your first panda quest

If you are amongst the new group of testers arriving in April 2012, then you will know the torture of arriving on the panda island.  There are people milling around, and your first quest target is virtually invisible.  There are all sorts of macro-like spammers trying to interact with something.

The first thing to do is to map a button on your keyboard to the function “interact with target”.  You find this by going through your keybindings options: you will find it under the targeting options. I use backspace

The next thing is to EITHER press control V to see all friendly health bars, and to select your target by clicking on it, OR to type /tar [name of questgiver]

Then once you have targetted the first questgiver (/tar master) then move close enough to interact with him and press the key you have chosen (ie backspace).  Hey presto, you have acquired your first quest.

This method also applies for interacting with other NPCs, and some quest objects.

This works.  Other people seem to spend lots of time spamming/c target or /c interact and this does not appear to bring them much joy, just endless general chat spammage that hurts the eyes and the framerate.  I have not tried that method, but ofc you can if you want.  It just might get you nowhere.


Cataclysm Beta: Map of Stormtalon

Looks like a major change… which is all to the good, because the previous quests here were a little bit lacking…

Cataclysm Beta: Mekkatorque

Fantastic!  the boat quest off Kazan is now mended – the cinematic ends with a loading screen of the next stage.

And finally female worgen are playable, rather than being selected at character creation and then having a sex change on loading…

I am convinced that I shall be playing a goblin in cataclysm, and not a worgen – the number of times I have tried to enjoy the whole initial starting areas and quests makes the worgen race seem far less appealing than the goblin one – despite the free top hat….  but am so unsure about what class…

The warrior is the only class I have not got past level 15 or so – shaman is not available to goblins,  which is just as well, because my alliance shaman is stuck in her 40s.  My new warlock is showing signs of being quite fun – at 40-something I am really enjoying it.

So, should I try and level the only class I have never really tried or choose something different?  I’ve got the heirlooms for leather melee, caster set, mail melee and caster and some of the BoA weapons for those sets – but no plate heirlooms – and they are quite pricey…

Still dithering.   Still rolling up experimental versions on the Beta to see how I manage…  Suspect I may end up rolling a hunter…

Mekkatorque – cataclysm Beta

The goblin party quest is fixed, but now the problem is getting off Kazan – so you end up with the departure from Kazan cinematic and then it all goes black – the minimap shows that you are still on the yacht, and hearthing or the unstuck feature do not help.

Hope they fix it soon.

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Cataclysm: travelling in Deepholm

21/10/2010 1 comment

I could well be wrong, but it seems that Deepholm is*the* place to set your hearthstone in Cataclysm. Right at the centre, there is a neutral area where you have portals to both Stormwind and Orgrimmar, depending on your faction. There is a repair dude, and there is a separate portal in there so that you can do dailies.

If you take the portal through to Stormwind, you end up at the elemental dais – from where you can take portals through to Tol Barad, or any other new zone that you have opened up.

No matter where you are in the world, if you have your stone set *here* then you have a place of safety to return to, and easy access back to the main city of your choice, for trainers and everything else.

Deepholme hosts a set of dungeons as well. Naturally.

Map of Deepholm

Guild Advancement 101 | World of Matticus

Guild Advancement 101 | World of Matticus.

We started a guild on the Beta, and this post by Matticus goes a long way to explaining how important guild cohesion is – and how important it is that each member of the guild contributes – by collecting herbs (yes, there is an achievement for a massive number of herbs collected) to making flasks or scrolls, fishing, cooking, crafting – any guild skill. PvP is rewarded too.

The rewards of having a massive raid fish feast/meat feast are only obtained by the guild having completed the achievement connected with making large numbers of meals – the reward of having a cauldron that produces multiple suitable flasks can only be obtained by making large amounts of flasks in the first place.

So: given that each person has a limited amount of time, it seems unlikely that a pure raiding guild will be able to perform all these achievements – because they are out raiding… And the same goes for a purely PvP guild.

I’m curious about how this will affect the general shape of guild politics – would guilds want to have raider rank for those that they feel are able and capable to raid, and then have others at different ranks? Like crafter rank, or gatherer rank? Will there be a hierarchy of which ranks are higher than others? Will it mean that those who prefer to potter around collecting reputations and find fishing pleasantly soporific have a place in a guild that likes to get hard modes down?

Wrathful endings « Paw Prints at the Portal

05/10/2010 1 comment

Wrathful endings « Paw Prints at the Portal.

I was going to leave a comment on this post, but it looked like it was being a bit long.

If you look at raiding as getting better and better gear, then there is definitely no point in farming raids considering that Cataclysm will drop in a few weeks now – with the possible exception of raid-level trinkets,  most of the gear you are getting will be replaced by quest blues and greens in Cataclysm – what is BiS at the moment for the current ceiling of encounter will very certainly not be BiS in the new game.

If you consider raiding as being about beating encounters – and the loot that drops as being the means to doing so, then raiding is still a valid activity.  The achievements still happen, the drakes are still available, the group fun is still worth having – and working towards having a cohesive group of guildmates is worth doing – in Cataclysm, the guild rewards will depend significantly on how well the guild does, and you will progress faster and gain more personal rewards, the more reputation you have with your guild – so working as a group together is getting the groundwork in, as far as I can see.

Raiding is also, in itself, a skill. And playing your class is a skill – not merely whether you are one of the three main basic roles, which is one thing, but the peculiarities of your specific class and even your spec. I am thrilled to see my rogue having a chance at raiding – the gear might be a nice upgrade, and lead to abilities/rotations being much easier to obtain – but I am also thrillled to see her in ICC heroics – something that can teach me how to rogue a lot better than solo questing, where I either kill things, or die in the process, because – they are facing me and pounding me – not something for which a rogue is ideally suited. The more I play, the more I think I am learning – and raid experience is totally different on her – feels strangely fresh to be doing an encounter that is almost snoozeworthy on Cress, because she has seen it as healer for months and months.

And that’s another thing – the next patch that drops is going to be a real change for us all – we will have new talent trees, new specs to learn about – I can really see how doing old content with new specs will be good – time to test out rotations within the safety of easily conquered dungeons, where the incomplete nature of a spec can be forgiven slightly more than when we face cataclysm dungeons, which are made for people with different stats on gear, and different specs.

So, Wrath is dying – and soon the end of the world will be nigh – and maybe taking a back seat is a good plan – now is a good time for a raid break, if you need one – a good time to give the family care and attention, to make up for a total immersion in December as you level like a loon, but there is still a point to being present – there are skills to be learned on alts, there are skills to be learned even on your main specs, especially after the patch hits.

There’s time to mess about on the Beta, looking at the sights, trying out new skills, new quests, new races and zones, before it all gets grimly serious and we chafe at the bit at the starting gate and pinch each other’s mobs and stay up until silly o’clock just because that’s the only time the mobs spawn and are not bagged by someone else…

Time to relax a bit, have a bit of fun raiding. Get everyone their Kingslayer title that’s not got it, get a few more badges and bits of gold – those flying lessons are expensive, you know 🙂

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