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Transmog, Void Storage – where are they? And the reforger has *gone*!


First a map of Stormwind showing me in the shop – the cool place to be.

And another shot of just outside the shop:


This is the place where you will find three Ethereals (think Mana Tombs).  On the left is the reforging service – the one that used to be done by an Elf in the Enchanter Trainer area.

In the middle is the new Void Storage guy – who wants to relieve you of a *lot* of money.  First you need to establish your bona fides with him by crossing his palm with 100G.  For this he explains that you can put your stuff in the top box, for the price of 25G per item.  You can then get them into storage – and if you wish to withdraw them, then you take them from the store and  put them in the outbox.  He will *not* accept items that are unique equip – so a lot of seasonal outfits will not fit in there.  He will not accept items that need darning, or have dents in, so, off you go and repair them…  He will also not accept anything that is not soulbound.  And he will strip the items of any reforging, enchants or gems.


Finally, there is the transmog vendor – who will make your outfit look different – you can only swap like for like though.  So a plate wearer cannot look as if they are wearing cloth – and a mace cannot be made to look like a sword.  Either drag your item to the slot on the armour model, or right click on it, and pay up…


Hope this helps, have a nice day.

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