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MOP Beta: how to get your first panda quest

If you are amongst the new group of testers arriving in April 2012, then you will know the torture of arriving on the panda island.  There are people milling around, and your first quest target is virtually invisible.  There are all sorts of macro-like spammers trying to interact with something.

The first thing to do is to map a button on your keyboard to the function “interact with target”.  You find this by going through your keybindings options: you will find it under the targeting options. I use backspace

The next thing is to EITHER press control V to see all friendly health bars, and to select your target by clicking on it, OR to type /tar [name of questgiver]

Then once you have targetted the first questgiver (/tar master) then move close enough to interact with him and press the key you have chosen (ie backspace).  Hey presto, you have acquired your first quest.

This method also applies for interacting with other NPCs, and some quest objects.

This works.  Other people seem to spend lots of time spamming/c target or /c interact and this does not appear to bring them much joy, just endless general chat spammage that hurts the eyes and the framerate.  I have not tried that method, but ofc you can if you want.  It just might get you nowhere.


Hallow’s End – the Lost Bags

Having run several of my toons through the festival dungeon, I am so glad that I don’t have the cogwheel error from last year. Because that was a total disaster for me.

This year’s buggyiness surrounds the bags that drop. Certainly tonight (this morning) the pumpkin-bags have to be opened before you leave the dungeon. Or they disappear entirely from your inventory when you leave.

Some people report losing the items from the bags themselves, and money. I’ve certainly had a ring which I won on a roll – and that stayed.

Serves me right for clicking “leave party” so soon after the guy died

Swamp of Sorrows – Hero’s Call

So, my shaman had only two quests left in her log after the big shakedown, so I stopped by the hero’s call board in Stormwind, after adjusting my HS there.

This is a great new mechanism for getting you to the right place for your level – your breadcrumb quest is on the board, instead of being with some random PC in the city (like the mage who wanted you to find a lost book that some swamp-thing had eaten – and it turned out that there were an awful lot of swamp things you needed to kill – depopulating the area three times before you found it).

Swamp of Sorrows is a rather different place. For a start, it is now a level 50-something area – and it actually has Alliance Flightpoints! Together with a Steamwheedle FP, this makes it considerably more accessible.

And there are no more Dreaming whelps – goodness knows where you find these to kill now – don’t go to that part of the map if you are new to the zone, wait until you are sent there :).

For the mining folk, this place is *full* of thorium.

And there are no wandering Horde explorers from Stonard waiting to pounce on you and flag you as you run desperately through the spiders and the crocolisks – and when you fight the lads from Stonard, amazingly, you are not flagged for PvP. Which is nice for those of us that choose not to play on PvP servers.

The final quests in the zone do give you a nice rare item to add to your kit – but this is not a free pet or motor boat…

Cataclysm: travelling in Deepholm

21/10/2010 1 comment

I could well be wrong, but it seems that Deepholm is*the* place to set your hearthstone in Cataclysm. Right at the centre, there is a neutral area where you have portals to both Stormwind and Orgrimmar, depending on your faction. There is a repair dude, and there is a separate portal in there so that you can do dailies.

If you take the portal through to Stormwind, you end up at the elemental dais – from where you can take portals through to Tol Barad, or any other new zone that you have opened up.

No matter where you are in the world, if you have your stone set *here* then you have a place of safety to return to, and easy access back to the main city of your choice, for trainers and everything else.

Deepholme hosts a set of dungeons as well. Naturally.

Map of Deepholm

[cataclysm beta] To worgen or not to worgen

So, I’ve tried a worgen – well, actually, I’ve tried more than one. And I am not at all sure that I want one…

This leaves me with two character slots (I cleared space to make way) and I am beginning to think seriously about making 2 horde. The goblin starter zone and looks are too good not to have one. And then I was wondering about undead… So I started one on the beta. I had a little undead rogue a while ago, who never got far – so I know that the quests in the starting zone are very slightly different after Cata

So this is quest text – calling us newbies…

But there’s more – and if I stop to actually do more than scan the quest objectives and mouseover the rewards in a microsecond, I am rewarded by….. Undead with elbows!

Poor sulky Redpath. What a shame I have to permanently inhume him later, with my facemelting purple pewpew…

Not everyone comes back as they left – some have unexpected changes to bodyparts… which can be disturbing.


There’s a definite feeling of autumn in the air for WoLK – lots of people are levelling, making the final push to 80 – or getting in a few achievements that they would not have time for otherwise.

This weekend, Cress was lucky enough to get a group that could manage Lessrabi – which is pretty amazing, since Cress can either damage things or heal things, but not interrupt – as it happened, both the healer and the tank switched to max DPS – only one interrupt seemed to be used (but I could be wrong). All over in a few seconds. I now have a red drake.

And I’m working on killing ogres around Nagrand for the Kurenai reputation – I am working through Revered now, but it’s a long old slog.

Worse than that, apparently, is the collection of stuff (that looks like dust) to make Halaa tokens – one of my new guildies was kind enough to log onto his horde alt, and dance around in his birthday suit in the graveyard, whilst a group of alliance 80s raced to see whether they could kill him before he got out of range. Feel the pain – I think he died over 150 times… Actually, it was a race to kill him before the DK ghoul did…

Trying to overcome my phobia about PvP – cue “feel the fear and do it anyway” – Neuri had the most fantastic time in random Wrath dungeons – levelled a whole level like that- probably only about 5 in total, but all pretty painless, in company with new guildies. Who pointed out that AV was a good place to get XP this weekend – and who said that rogues were fantastic in PvP… now at level 77, I have not taken Neuri anywhere near a battleground – so cue PvP achievements popping up all over the place… I have to be the worst PvP rogue in history – but amazingly, staying with the pack helped – and I didn’t even die – which was unusual. I usually die and then can’t orient myself to the *right* place to be…

I have *still* not completed Dragonblight as a result of this dungeon fun – so I have decided to take a trip up to the Argent Tournament to see what’s happening up there – and to do a few IC quests.

Our Sunday raid with ItP did not come off – probably because a few of the core raiders were unavailable – post wedding party fallout meant that they were probably tired. And/or hungover. And because RL>wow, this is fine. And just goes to show how important the presence of committed raiders is – and how casual signups cannot be relied upon to make up a raid – and how we all depend on each other to get something done. It’s not the absence of one individual that breaks us, it’s 4 people.

Having said that – the absence of 2 people meant that we nearly could not get Jaraxxus down – I was really hoping to do this on Bieslook, as she needs frosties more than Cress does, and should be amply geared for that instance – but… we had two new 80s with us, who were a bit rusty, and so 8 manning the beasts was painful… Popping over to TS brought 2 people from ItP to help out – which sort of saved the day really, as they were top damage.

Oh – is saying “your DPS is *enormous*” in awestruck tones [1] a bad thing? Because I used to think that getting over 1K DPS as an average in a dungeon before level 80 was quite good. But I was put to shame by a frost mage who was pulling 3K… about the same level as me…

[1] not sure if it counted as acceptable banter. Hoping so. It’s kind of easy to get too casual though. I remember one time I talked to the wife of another guildy whose opening comment was “I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time with my husband”….

Cataclysm – goblins and water

More screenshot love – and funnies.  This reminds me of the Borean Tundra joke about how you need just one more piece of animal hide and then you can get a set of Nesingwary steak knives

Ghostcrawler promised me a pony

pool ponies.

All a goblin needs is an inflatable pony

For Pony!

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