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Squishy makes a move?

So…  the time has come (now this is the third time I have tried this, so I really shouldn’t get my hopes up) for me to see whether I can get into the raid group of my choice. So, I’ve drafted an application, following the rubrik of my earlier application on Parsley – but modifying it slightly.

I really would like to spend time wiping with people who are professional and not asshats.  And I’ve heard that you lot are not asshats (mostly).  But that’s not really what you write on your app, is it?

So – looking at the gear, Cress is not doing too badly now she has the first tier 8 piece on, and the shiny new wand – but OTOH, is hopelessly behind where she needs to be for raiding the content that is current for this group – which is TOCr25.

Cress is just about ready to consider U10-25 non hard modes, and should be able to do Naxx25 in what she is wearing, according to be.imba and wow-heroes ratings.  I have gemmed and enchanted fairly well.  I have hit cap on the DPS set, but seem to have erratic DPS – on the dummy it is about 2100, in game it is only about 1800-1900 on actual mobs (could be moving that does it.  Might have to get a cool-downs addon for that.  Sometimes I seem to lose my target, despite not moving from it (so far as I can see) intentionally – sometimes I press the mousewheel key and it doesn’t seem to trigger the clique keybind it should, which is frustrating – I might have to alter the keybinds so that the mousewheel is less important in my rotation.

It’s kind of like the PS application, except I do not know my healing as well as I did on PS – I know more about DPS than about healing – the similarity is that the gear is not good enough for the job, but that waiting until the gear is good enough will be impossible – the gear ladder is steeper than I can climb – with Icecrown coming out within the next 4 weeks (I predict) I cannot hope to be geared – tier 8 is as good as I can buy with emblems – Icecrown will be tier 10 – if I wait four weeks, I will have better gear, but the leap will be insurmountable.  I have the vague feeling of being too much in a hurry – but countering that is the feeling of a timed COS run – if you don’t hurry at the beginning, you cannot turn it round at the end – the minutes at the  start of the run are worth the same as at the end, it’s just you don’t realise the importance of making every second work for you in those first ten minutes…

I’ve sent my draft app off to my uber-healer guildy (hi Unferth!) to see whether he thinks it works.  In the meantime I am toddler watching and reading websites on priestly things…

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